The 33 People Banned From Las Vegas Casinos

1 year ago
The 33 People Banned From Las Vegas Casinos
09 Dec

Photo: Los Angeles Times

Just how bad really are the 33 bad guys – and the one girl – who fill Nevada’s Little Black Book of miscreants who are banned from every casino and gambling property in the state? That’s the question as a new duo were added recently as PokerTube reported ...

A motley crew of mobsters, scamsters and a fair few ‘slotsters’ fill the  - now online – pages of the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Excluded Person’s List, and here’s our top 3…

1.  Dressed for the Occasion - Francis Citro

With a history of loan-sharking, illegal bookmaking and at least five felony convictions to his name, Citro probably deserves his lifetime ban, but the man himself disagrees!

“We got terrorists around the world today who are chopping people’s heads off, and they can go to any casino they want,” he told “But I’m so notorious that people are going to see me and start to panic? It’s ridiculous.”

Famous for wearing a full tuxedo to his NGCB ‘Black Book’ hearing, the Las Vegas man explained afterwards:

"I've never been invited to join anything in my life, I just wanted to show the proper respect."

2.  (Bad) Luck be a Lady Tonight - Sandra Kay Vaccaro

The only woman on the exclusions list, Vaccaro was caught up with her now-deceased husband John Vaccaro in a slot machine fraud several decades go that netted them $millions.

Now married to Las Vegas Review Journal columnist Jon L Smith, even the death of her criminal ex- and the campaigning by her new husband hasn’t scrubbed her name from the great unwanted list. 

3.    Caught on the Hop - Roderick William Dee II

Known as ‘Rod the Hop’ for his signature sleight of hand with a deck of cards - invisibly transposing the top and bottom halves of a deck - Dee found himself in trouble and jail through his obsession for beating slot machines, by any method available, legal or - usually - otherwise.

His card skills, however, were legendary and he was included in the documentary ‘High Stakes: Bet Your Life on Vegas’ which boasted Ray Liotta of Goodfellas fame as narrator. Check out Dee’s ‘3 card Monte’ technique below...

But, the man himself ‘checked out’ for good back in 2013 – his name struck from the Little Black Book a mere 5 months after being ‘inducted’. Death, it seems, really is the only way to get your ban lifted.

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