The 6 Global Poker Promotions You Can’t Miss Out On

5 months ago
The 6 Global Poker Promotions You Can’t Miss Out On
09 Mar

With the online poker world undergoing a resurgence, the sites themselves have to come up with new, clever and entertaining ways to attract players – and there are few more innovative than the rapidly-expanding, US-facing Global Poker.

Here are six of their best promotions, covering everything from freerolls to five hundred flops!

1.      JACKPOT SIT’N’GO Tournaments

Real money or play money, the choice is yours in these intense, rapid-action SNG’s – with a chance to win up to 2000 times your buy-in.

Starting at just SC$2 (or 2000 Gold Coins – we explain the unique Global Poker currency system below) you can multi-table up to 4 of these quick-fire Jackpot games at once, and here’s…

…how they work…

  • Three-player Sit’n’Go, with a Hyper-Turbo structure.
  • Once three players have registered, the game creates a randomly determined prize pool and the Sit’n’Go begins immediately!
  • You could play for between two and 2000 times your buy-in, so you have a chance of winning big!

Check them out via the Global Poker Jackpot Sit’n’Go tab.

2.      New Player FREEROLL

What if the first thing you did on a new site was win SC$1000 for zero buy-in? Sounds too good to be true, but Global Poker’s ‘New Player Freeroll’ offers you exactly that opportunity!

Make your first deposit any time before 23:59 EDT on Wednesday and you’ll get a token on the Friday, which you can use on Saturday afternoons at 15:00 EDT. It’s valid for any one of the first three Saturdays once you join up, so don’t stress if you miss the first one or two!

The token will be added to your ‘My Items’ section of your ‘Profile’ – with SC$1000 awaiting the winner each week.


If you know anything about Global Poker’s Sunday schedule it’s likely the Sunday Scrimmage will be top of the list – the flagship SC$50,000 GTD prizepool pulling in huge numbers of players every weekend.

Kicking off on Sundays at 17:30 ET, you can buy-in for SC$218, or better still try to satellite your way to a seat, with buy-ins starting at SC$2.20 and running throughout the week.

To give you an idea of what sort of prizes you’re fighting for, last week’s winner Omniscient from Nevada took down almost SC$12,000, with a top 6 finish worth more than SC$2600.

4.      Global Poker GOLD RUSH

Leaderboards are the next best thing to actually playing a tournament and the Global Poker Gold Rush does exactly what it says on the tin – a rush of cash game wins earning you extra Gold Coins from the daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards.

You pick up points for every hand you win, based on the formula below…

Points =
Amount won (Gold Coins)

Amount of big blind (Gold Coins)

...and the number of Gold Coins handed out by Global Poker looks like this…

Daily Leaderboard
100,000 Gold Coins
Weekly Leaderboard
500,000 Gold Coins
Monthly Leaderboard
2,500,000 Gold Coins

The winner of the Monthly Leaderboard will be crowned Gold Rush Champion, with bragging rights to add to your new-found wealth.

5.      Weekly SC$5,000 BONANZA!

The old saying ‘you’ve got to be in it, to win it’ has never been more apt than for Global Poker’s Daily and Weekly Bonanzas, where seeing the flop gives you a chance to win big even if your cards are horrible!

If you see 500 flops during the week – be it Gold Coins tables or $weeps Cash™ tables – for just $0.11 you can play the Sunday SC$5k Guaranteed Bonanza, which kicks off at 4pm.

Daily SC$500 BONANZA

If you’re not quite up to playing that number of hands in a week, there’s also a Daily Bonanza, with a SC$500 guarantee. Just see 50 flops on any day and you qualify for that day’s SC$500 tournament. Again just SC$0.11 for the buy-in and this one runs daily at 9pm EST.



Global Poker’s ‘Daily Hundo’ runs along similar lines to the Bonanza, and rewards those playing at least 25 Gold Coin ring-game hands per day with a choice of SC$1 or SC$5 buy-in Hyper-turbo tournaments – with a chance to win up to 100 times your buy-in.

You have to play your 25 hands the same day and before the Daily Hundo tournaments kick-off, and there are also exclusive, limited-edition avatars to pick up along the qualification route.

So, that’s six of the very best promotions Global Poker have on offer for their players, and if you want to join them just click here.

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