The Best Daniel Negreanu Tweets This Month

1 year ago
The Best Daniel Negreanu Tweets This Month
19 Mar

Twitter has been the go-to social media platform for poker players for a long time now, and fans of Daniel Negreanu are never short of a topic for discussion when KidPoker shares his thoughts.

This month alone has seen poker, chess, ice hockey, health and fitness, highstakes feuds and even higher stakes bets take centre stage on Negreanu’s feed, and here is just a selection of the Canadian legends best…

Starting the month off with a ‘throwback Thursday’ moment, even though it was Monday, brought back amazing memories…

The following day was when things started to get real in DNegs’ blossoming feud with Phil Hellmuth, an announcement of their heads-up match and then this prop bet bombshell offer

Daniel has been a huge fan of chess for a while now, playing a recent TwitchTV legends tournament and even taking lessons from 5-times US champion Hikaru Nakamura, one of his favourite players…

KidPoker is also well-known for his health and fitness regime, and he had summer in mind with his latest plans to cut some weight after a winter bulk-up…

A few days later, having been embroiled in some verbal fisticuffs over his thoughts on Phil Hellmuth’s tournament record, it was time to vote on whether or not to keep schtum some of the time…

…and then it was drawing parallels time between the Poker Brat and golf’s Golden Bear

And as if he hadn’t crammed enough topics worthy of discussion into two weeks’ worth of Twitter, the GGPoker ambassador found time to add his other love, ice hockey, into the mix…

So, whether Daniel is your cup of tea or not, you can hardly describe him as lacking in talking points! What next for Kid Poker’s social media following..?

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