The Brunson Clan Is Getting Bigger – But Who’s The Granddaddy?

11 months ago
The Brunson Clan Is Getting Bigger – But Who’s The Granddaddy?
14 Aug

They are the best known father and son combo in the poker world, and Todd Brunson’s announcement that there will be a new addition to the Brunson family led to some hilarious tweets – with granddaddy Doyle in the frame…

The news, of course, wasn’t that the legendary 85-year old Texas Dolly had somehow pulled another ace from his sleeve, but instead that son Todd and his wife Anjela were expecting a new arrival, and grandad Doyle was over the moon at the news…

It didn’t stop the internet wits from winding Todd up, however, with one or two hoping to sneak into the family which boasted the first-ever father and son WSOP bracelet winners

…while others had their focus on the fact that news of Doyle’s demise over the years had been greatly exaggerated

…Texas Dolly still going strong and playing as much poker as ever…

…although as always there are those who leave us to make way for the new arrivals…

Another Brunson in the Texas clan is unlikely to slow down either man, however, the father and son just last week launching their own training site

…and who knows, perhaps the latest addition will grow up to be just as successful and dad and grandad!

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