The Funniest Poker Hands of 2019

1 year ago
The Funniest Poker Hands of 2019
31 Dec

The good old televised high stakes poker games are far behind us now, as sad as we are to say it, the game has changed a lot since then. Despite poker getting tougher and increasingly more serious over the past decade, we luckily have new characters joining the game every year that we can count on to keep the game alive. Let’s see some of them in action by taking a look at some of the funniest hands we have encountered from the past year.

Run it Twice Madness

Definitely not funny when you’re the one the receiving end of the variance! Nevertheless, a hand like this one that cannot go unnoticed. Rob Yong managed to capture this insane runner runner  worth $400k, at the Carribean Poker Party. On days like these we imagine the game must feel impossible to beat.

Flopping a Royal Flush 

It’s not every day you flop one of those! In fact, the odds of flopping a royal are 1/650,000. However, not only did someone at Run it up Reno manage to flop the impossible, but also took the liberty of photographing his opponents reaction after the cards were out.

The elderly man photographed had apparently won a platinum pass earlier in the year also.

Jean Robert Bellande Loses $650k in Two Hands

JRB’s has certainly made a name for himself in the last decade, with his aggressive table presence and his never ending stream of bad beats. Nonetheless, he doesn’t like to be pushed around, demonstrating so in this Triton cash game:

Streamer vs Streamer Cooler

We see streamers battle it out quite frequently on Twitch these days. However hands like this one are far from the norm, and this one was a rollercoaster from start to finish:

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