The King of the Jungle as You’ve Never Seen Him Before!

1 year ago
The King of the Jungle as You’ve Never Seen Him Before!
12 May

Daniel Jungleman Cates is the latest poker legend to come under the artistic eye of Mike Gorodinsky, very few pros safe from the coloured pencils that Mike wields with uncanny – some might say untalented -  enthusiasm

Just over a month ago, St Petersburg-born, double WSOP bracelet-holder Gorodinsky discovered he had an itch that needed scratching.

“I am a truly horrific artist but have recently discovered that I like drawing,” he revealed to his Twitter fans. “Specifically, I find it fun[ny] to draw poker players. Who out there wants to be turned into an obscenely unflattering caricature of themselves?”

And so a legend was born, no scrap of paper too small and no coloured crayon left unused as Mike trawled the poker world for models to use in his quest for cartoon supremacy.

The fact that without a name tag next to the caricatures you might be left struggling to tell who the subject, perhaps victim, of his art is hasn’t deterred Mike.

With drawings that wouldn’t win a prize at a pre-school art exhibition, Mike’s latest effort at capturing Jungleman Dan in his native environment is probably his best by far, but see if you can work out who this fine poker player is meant to be..!

No disrespect to Mike, of course, who is having fun with his portraits, but if you were thinking of commissioning a piece, say for a tattoo, then perhaps Chris Adamek from Sixth Element private studio in Lebanon, New Jersey is a slightly better choice!

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