The Top 3 Twitch Poker Scores of the Last Week of 2017

1 year ago
The Top 3 Twitch Poker Scores of the Last Week of 2017
01 Jan

We are entering 2018 and poker continues to grow on Twitch! To celebrate, we take a look at the best scores of the last week of 2017.

Big Score Live on Twitch #3 - CourtieBee’s 3rd Place in PartyPoker MINI High Roller for $341

Courtie Nee AKA CourtieBee was not having a good day on her Twitch stream, she wasn't very hopeful of having a winning day. She even seemed a bit exasperated to have reached this final table, waiting for the whole thing to be over. 

Little did she know that just an hour later she would score the third biggest cash of the week.

After an hour of a fairly relaxed final table, the tournament was down to three players. After being card dead for a few hands, she bluffed all in with a five-four of hearts, almost as a joke, saying "Can everybody just fold, please", which they did.

Next hand was King-Jack offsuit from the cut-off. Her opponent, username Ging666999, mid raised, which she answered by going all-in.  Both players flipped their cards, Ging had a King-eight of spades. 

The flop had two spades, one of them a jack, giving CourtieBee a pair of jacks and a flush draw to her opponent. 

The turn was a queen of diamonds that helped nobody but the river was an ace of spades, completing Ging's flush. 

No one on this list went home empty-handed, however, she received $341 for her third-place finish. It's not first prize money, but it's still good.

Big Score Live on Twitch #2 - BParisPoker wins the PokerStars BIG $109 for $11.7k

Bryan Paris had been streaming for over 7 hours when he finally reached the final table of the Big 109. He was visibly tired but kept playing his A-game, even carrying his 18-month son while playing heads-up.

He kept playing even after his son went to bed, though it was an easy heads-up match that came down to a well-timed river card.

Bryan raised all-in with Seven-Queen of hearts, his opponent called with a King-eight offsuit. 

The flop came bearing Christmas gifts for Bryan, two sevens, giving him trips.

The turn paired his opponent's king, and for a second he was worried, but the river was a brick that confirmed his $11.7k win.

Big Score Live on Twitch #3 - Anatoly Filatov wins PartyPoker High Roller for $19.8k

While this was going on, Anatoly Filatov blew everybody else out of the water with his amazing $19.8k win on stream!

Sadly, however, he keeps his Twitch streams behind a paywall, that's his choice and we respect it but it makes his hand history harder to get. But we couldn't leave out his win from this list so enjoy some clips from this session: 

Well, there you have it, 3 great scores to say goodbye to 2017. Will you feature on our 2018 list?

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