Thomas Cannuli Takes on ‘Venomous’ ACR Challenge!

9 months ago
Thomas Cannuli Takes on ‘Venomous’ ACR Challenge!
14 Apr

If you’re going to take on a challenge, you might as well make it a tough one! That’s what ACR pro Thomas Cannuli has done, his goal being to win 3 ACR Venom tickets in as many months…starting with a bankroll of absolutely zero!

You might think it an easy task for an experienced pro like Cannuli – grab some freeroll cashes and build it up to a $2650 Venom ticket, rinse and repeat, but there’s a catch…

“Thomas can only play Venom Step tournaments, satellites or super satellites in order to win his tickets,” say the ACR team, adding: “He may not play other freerolls on the site in order to build his bankroll”.

So, only branded “Venom” tournaments it is for the 26-year old New Jersey pro who came 6th in the WSOP Main Event back in 2015.

The Venom, for those who haven’t heard of the massive ACR event, is a $5 million guaranteed tournament, with a life-changing $1 million for first place!

It requires a $2,650 buy-in, but seats can be won for free via Step Tournaments that run 24/7 and a host of Satellites and Mega Satellites running in the lead up to the July biggie.

Cannuli seems to have steeled himself for what promises to be a very tough ‘3 Venom tickets, 3 months, Zero bankroll’ attempt…

…and there are definitely some upsides to the rules he’s been given for the Venom challenge…

“When Thomas wins his first ticket, he can sell it in our Venom Ticket Marketplace at current market value,” say ACR. This would allow him “to reinvest the proceeds in other Venom Step tournaments, satellites, or super satellites”.

Cannuli’s Step approach to gaining his first $2650 Venom seat would look a bit like this, starting at Step 1 only…although regular players can buy in at any stage of course.

  • Step 1: Six daily freerolls ($0 buy-in) that guarantee 113 total seats to Step 2.
  • Step 2: On Demand tourney ($6+0.61 buy-in) that each guarantee 25 seats to Step 3.
  • Step 3: On Demand tourney ($15+1.51 buy-in) that each guarantee 15 seats to Step 4.
  • Step 4: On Demand tourney ($50+5.01 buy-in) that each guarantee 6 seats to Step 5.
  • Step 5: On Demand tourney ($200+15.01 buy-in) that each guarantee 5 seats to Step 6.
  • Step 6: On Demand tourney ($600+30.01) that guarantees 1 seat to $5 Million Venom.

In addition there is an alternative Step 6 tourney scheduled for every Sunday at 4pm ET. This $600+30.01 buy-in guarantees 3 seats to the $5 Million Venom.

Well, for Cannuli it’s the challenge of a lifetime perhaps – over $8k of tickets required starting from scratch – and the rest of the ACR players battling for the same lucrative tickets. For those who’ve watched the talented ACR pro in action, however, it could be a close-run thing!

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