TonyBet’s Ultimate Poker Brawl: Riot Weekend!!!

2 years ago
TonyBet’s Ultimate Poker Brawl
19 Jan

It’s exactly the kind of thing that appeals to an old streetfighting punk like me – a ‘weekend riot’ with the chance to make a ton of cash and test your fighting skills out over the poker table. It’s the new TonyBet Ultimate Poker Brawl - Riot Weekend, and it’s set to start on 21st January.

With thousands of € in guarantees and events beginning as early as 10am in the morning, TonyBet have scheduled 40 Super Knockout tournaments – all taking place on Saturdays and Sundays, so there’s no real excuse to miss out on the fight for the prizes.

It all kicks off with a ‘Dirty’ NLHE, each event being given a name to match its buy-in. This one is a €10 event, with the buy-ins ranging from €3 for the fighting ‘Rookie’ all the way up to the ‘Crown’ event – a €100 buy-in championship-style biggie.

As TonyBet put it: “These are the kind of games where your poker skills are just as important as, well, your arse-kicking abilities,” and for the best poker brawlers out there the leaderboard is the key to how well you’re doing in the Ultimate Brawl fight stakes.

The top 10 overall will share the €1000 leaderboard pool, but it’s no ordinary race – but instead is based on who has kicked the most opponents out during the promotion tournaments!

Added to which, even if you don’t make the top of the leaderboard race, you’re still getting paid for each KO you manage to land, so that’s three chances to win every time you sit down at the Riot Weekend tables.

It’s a novel way to combine festival-style schedules with bounty-style prizes and is just another of TonyBet’s innovative ways to expand their traditional Open-Faced Chinese player base in to the No Limit Hold’em market.

And running them from early morning to late evening is also an unusual but very useful idea, especially for those who like the freedom of weekends to indulge their poker fix. The tournaments will be running every hour from 10:00 am (GMT), and then every half an hour for the rest of the evening after 3:00 pm. Can’t say fairer than that!

If the name TonyBet is new to you, it really shouldn’t be! Started up in 2009 by the popular poker pro-turned-European politician Antanas ‘TonyG’ Guogas, it has quickly become the leading OFC site in the world and has held the live World Championships in this exciting format since 2014.

Now that it’s Texas Hold’em and PLO offerings have taken off as well, you can expect your weekends to be a complete riot with their latest promotion! Check out the full schedule and cash in on your poker brawling skills! Gloves are optional!

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