Top 3 Funniest Players

2 years ago
Top 3 Funniest Poker Players
17 Apr

I feel pretty confident saying that poker is not an inherently funny game. There is a lot of money at stake, tensions are high, and maintaining a blank expression is a well respected skill. So the idea of funny players seems like a bit of an oxymoron at first. How can they be funny when the game is so serious?

The truth is, that intense seriousness is exactly why professional poker has spawned some of the funniest characters in sports. In intense situations, people need to blow off steam. When there is great risk, humor and silliness act as a social defense mechanism. And for some people, there is simply the desire to troll (harass) people so that they make bad plays.

Regardless of the reasons behind it, some poker players are just downright funny. I thought it would be a good time if we took it easy today, so I’m going to share my top 3 funniest players. Without further ado, here we go.

Kid Poker

This first one is both obvious and, in my case, a little biased. I love DNegs for too many reasons, some of which include: Canadian Pride, I also think Hearthstone is awesome, and he has won THE MOST tournament money in recorded history (according to HendonMob). But, while all of these are great reasons to love Negreanu, a lot of people also love him because he is funny. Don’t misunderstand, I would never want to play at a table with the guy. Not only would he clean me out inside of 10 hands, but he is a troll at the table, playing on peoples’ pride and fear in order to make them lose money. It’s a talent that I respect, but not one I want to experience first hand.

One of his strongest weapons in the taunting arsenal is his humor. If you’re sitting on a tough hand against him, Daniel will poke and prod you until you blow it completely. He’ll crack jokes about what you’re holding, jokes about what he’s holding, and eventually just jokes about you. Check out this video of Daniel playing his “favorite hand.”

He’s loud, he’s rambunctious, but he still manages to come off as sincere, if a bit annoying. For whatever reason, the guy is likable, so he gets away with acting funny at the table. If you really want to see something funny, though, this video will get you.

Daniel Negreanu has a real talent for accents and loves to impersonate other famous players. Check out the first two parts if you want to see what I mean. I can't imagine having to face down someone who was parroting me and my play style.

Hevad Khan

Hevad “Rain” Khan, for those who don’t know him, is an American poker player with about $2.5M in tournament winnings and a mouth bigger than Phil Hellmuth. No, really, I’m completely serious. Hevad Khan is best known for having absolutely no shame as he dances, celebrates, and occasionally tries to start crowd chants at the poker table. For those sitting across from him, I can only imagine that he is one of the worst people to play against, but for everyone watching from behind a screen, he is hilarious. Nothing can stop his unending energy.

Check out this compilation of Hevad Khan’s “going nuts” moments.

As one commentator put it:

I’d like to excuse this as misplaced youthful exuberance...”

Yah, so would I. But as Khan himself is well known to have said


The Unabomber

I have no doubt that some people were expecting Phil Hellmuth at the top of this list, and believe me, I considered it. But the truth is, Phil has never really gotten a good laugh from me, just chuckles and groans. Phil Laak, on the other hand, never ceases to entertain.

I remember a commentator from a WSOP afew years ago who described Laak best, he said:

You’ve got to love Laak’s child-like enthusiasm for poker. Will it ever wane? I think not.”

And there really is a fun, albeit childish slant to Phil Laak at the table. He’s excitable, he’s emotional, he tries outrageous bluffs, but like Negreanu, he comes off as sincere so we love it. The next clip we have for you is one of the best you’re ever going to see. It’s the Pokertube best of Phil Laak clip, and it is 40 minutes of comedy gold. Watch a bit or watch the whole thing, but check it out. I’ve watched the whole thing through myself, all the way up to the Barnum and Bailey’s Poker After Dark. Trust me, you’re going to enjoy it.

So those are my top 3 funniest poker players. I know not everyone is going to agree, and that’s why we have a comments section. Post your favorites and a game if you have one in mind. Maybe it will be featured in Top 3 Funniest Players Pt. 2!

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