Top 5 Poker Pros That You Should Look Out For This Year

9 months ago
Top 5 Poker Pros That You Should Look Out For This Year
12 Feb

Poker is a sport that captures the attention of many all over the world. But with a number of games being live-streamed across the globe, this is becoming more popular than ever before. But with a number of professionals looking to take to the stage in 2020, we have compiled a list of some of the poker pros that you should be looking out for. 

Stephen Chidwick 

This 30-year-old professional poker player saw himself become the card player of the year in 2019 and cashing in total winnings of more than $7.3 million in the events that he was in during 2020. This was a major turning point of redemption in this poker stars career as he saw a series of poor positions in 2018. However, this season is set to change as the 2020 calendar gets underway as fans of the game begin to pick the players that they are looking to route for. 

Veronica Brill

Though many may not consider this up and comer a professional as of yet, this is a name you will be hearing a lot more of. However, some of you may know Veronica Brill for her involvement in the Mike Postle cheating scandal as the initial whistleblower. This then led to a thorough investigation being conducted into the habits of Mr Postle finding that he was cheating his way to unbelievable winnings with very minimal bets being played. However, this up and comer is looking to pave her own way in 2020 and become one of the front runners in tournaments. 

Bryn Kenney 

Finding love for the game on a number of online poker and occasionally even video poker platforms, Bryn Kenney received success early on in his career. His first move to playing poker in a casino took place in California with the New Jersey native earning a seat at some of the best poker tables in the state. From here he racked up comfortable winnings and saw himself slowly working his way up from 11th in the world to number one. With this success in 2019, this player is set to see a vast amount of success in the future. 

Sam Soverel 

When looking at the all-time money list this player sitting at 51st has a lot to prove. But with an age of just 29, this player is one of the best up and comers at the table. With a knowledge of the game as well as 80 hours per week of gaming time, this player knows the game and is ready to qualify for a number of the major events.  However, this player is much more specific with the games that he plays meaning that some of the tournaments may not see him participating. 

Justin Bonomo 

Listed as world number 2 in the all-time money list Justin Bonomo is no stranger to cashing in large winnings. With a number of titles already under his belt and a successful 2019 season, this player is definitely one to look out for. However, this player may be quiet during the 2020 season with a quote reading as follows: 

This comes as a shock to many that thought he was a contender at the top stop, however, with the winnings the world number two has already taken, we don blame him for taking a back seat in the world of tournaments for a while. 

With this in mind, there are a number of established and new and emerging players coming into the frame ready and waiting to provide us with one of the best poker seasons in 2020. Which of these will you be rooting for?

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