Trickett Spotted On Sky Sports Giving Away World Cup Tickets!

3 years ago
Trickett Spotted On Sky Sports Giving Away World Cup Tickets!
05 Jul

Sam Trickett is in Russia at the moment to watch England in the World Cup, as any sharp eyed fans watching the sky coverage would have spotted. With just a few hours to until the round of 16 match between England and Columbia, Trickett was talking to Sky News journalists about how hard it was to find an England fan to take his spare ticket. Presumably because they’ve all already bought theirs.

Trickett, whose poker career owes a great deal to a cruciate ligament injury that stymied his professional football hopes, is skipping the World Series of Poker to support his nation in its best run at the World Cup since 2006.

After England beat Columbia in penalty shootouts anyone who did miss out on this giveaway offer is going to be kicking themselves harder than Eric Dier did the winning goal. 

So, if you’re out there looking to get into the quarter-final match on Saturday the 7th July, keep your eye out for the poker contingent, there might be something in it for you

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