Trump and Adelson on Forbes' List of "100 Greatest Living Business Minds"

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Trump and Adelson on Forbes' List of
26 Sep

To commemorate its 100th anniversary, Forbes magazine recently selected 100 individuals for inclusion in an exclusive group determined to have the "greatest living business minds."

Donald Trump and Sheldon Adelson were on that list, proving that having a mind for business is one thing, having a mind for common sense is another.

Both men made fortunes from casino gambling, and both continue to have a tremendous impact on our everyday lives. Trump as the controversial president who is showing himself to be one of the biggest buffoons to ever walk the Earth, and Adelson as a staunch opponent to the regulation of online poker and gambling.

A Clown in the White House

Trump's stupidity and lack of common sense were once again on display this past weekend, as he incited the masses by proclaiming that NFL owners should "fire" players for taking a knee during the national anthem. The clueless president continues creating an even greater divide between his supporters and those who believe that a leader is supposed to lead and unite - not instigate and separate.

This latest furor caused by Trump is nothing new. We've witnessed nine months of silliness that shows no signs of abating as long as a racist, immature clown is in the White House. Elect a clown and a circus will follow, and indeed it has.

Winning the Fight

While Adelson is not on a par with Trump with regard to affecting lives, he continues to make life difficult for those of us who would like to enjoy regulated online poker. Let's face it, his Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling is winning, as it's been four years since a state has launched a new online gambling regime.

Where is the common sense in promoting bricks and mortar casinos - as Adelson does - but insisting that online poker and gambling is dangerous? His casinos are often fined for underaged gambling, the very thing he claims to want to prevent.

Pair of Jokers

How unfortunate that these two men who seem to be completely ignorant in areas that have a tremendous influence on society and our way of life have a hand in shaping the future.

In the case of Adelson, our freedom to play poker from the privacy of our homes is at stake, which is a big deal to many. As for Trump, its downright scary, as the freedom and liberty of every American is in jeopardy when a classless, crass, uninformed bigot is at the helm of our once great nation.

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