US Players Win $167,266,900 as WSOP Stats Revealed

4 months ago
US Players Win $167,266,900 as WSOP Stats Revealed
04 Aug

One of the most interesting things about the World Series of Poker, if you like numbers, is when the summer festival is over and you can see exactly who won what and for how much and how old the fields were, who the best women were and, well, you get the idea…

The first thing that jumps out – apart from that amazing number in the headline, which we’ll get to – is the average age of the winners club’.

A nice, round 36 years old shows up on the big three – most bracelets, most winnings and most cashes.

This year’s biggest winners

Former stand-up comic Robert Campbell from Australia was the only player to bag more than a single bracelet, the 35-year old taking up the game after watching the 2005 WSOP and snaring two titles this summer.

55-year old Hossein Ensan had a single victory, but his Main Event triumph and $10million payday never looked likely to be surpassed in the overall winnings criteria.

Born one year and one month before Ensan, the divisive figure of Chris Jesus Ferguson cashed more times than anyone else – 19 times in the money – but his total of around $250k was nowhere to be seen on the list of biggest winners.

Keith Tilston was the most profitable player who made the money more than once – his 6th spot for $275,874 in the $50k Final Fifty followed just a few days later by a scoop of the $100k High Roller, edging out Daniel Negreanu heads-up for a $2,792,406 payday.

Lula leads the ladies to victory

When it comes to females in the WSOP, numbers have usually reflected the overall 3-5% of players in other spheres of poker. This year we saw Lula Taylor top not only the fans’ favourite list, but also the top money winner spot with $388,284.

More worrying perhaps than the actual number of women playing in Vegas this year was the average age of the participants – an average age of 47 across the three categories…

Experience trumps Youth

There were younger players involved, of course, as you’d expect from a game that constantly tells us youth is important – but they did rather less well than expected.

Kevin Maahs Main Event run to 5th spot and a $2.2million first-time WSOP cash was the standout moment, but Jake Schwartz and Marcelo Giordano Mendes’ 18 cashes each, shows there is still some life left in the young guns yet!

USA domination continues

When it comes to nationality, the USA topped every list – and by huge margins.

With 53 out of 91 bracelets, and 19,585 cashes totalling an astonishing $167,266,900, no other country even came close – although Israel’s six bracelets deserves a special mention.

Canada, Germany and the UK were all vying for the podium places, although Hossein Ensan’s $10million ME win skewed at least one of those categories considerably.

If you want to do your own delving into the stats of this year’s WSOP, or any other year for that matter, check out this page for all the numbers your brain can handle.

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