Valentine’s Day With Neeme & Future Wife

2 years ago
Valentine’s Day With Andrew Neeme & Future Wife
27 Feb

As is currently de rigueur with poker vloggersAndrew Neeme opens his Valentine’s day vlog with a car trip, though this time the destination is not the local casino, it is the airport where his lady love is flying in. Neeme household and although he claims not to be a big celebrator of the whole Valentine’s day thing, but as he’s in San Diego, why not ship the fiancee in for some adorable coupley activities like seaside walks along the fabulous beaches of the Pacific Coast and, of course, just a little bit of drone flying (in the places the park rangers haven’t designated as No Drone Zones).

They say every great man has a great woman behind him, Neeme is no exception and as a couple they are pretty adorable.

"How has 9 years been with me?" she asks at one point. "The best in your whole life?"

‘Pretty much…’ says Neeme before adding, ‘Hey look at that,’ and being distracted by a paraglider.

It’s also interesting to get an outside perspective, Neeme’s vlogs are often as much about the poker lifestyle as they are about the game and having his lady-friend on who is close to the poker world but not a player gives an interesting insight into an underrepresented aspect of playing the game - how do loved ones deal with their degenerates. For the most part, it seems like Neeme’s beach-bum zen approach to winning and losing makes him pretty easy to handle away from the tables, no matter how good or bad he’s running on a given day, week or month.

Understandably, the ups and downs, financial insecurity and bizarre work schedule of poker pros have a reputation of being troublesome for the old home life. but there is no sign of that here. The pair are clearly very much in love, and she even seems willing to tolerate being subjected to relentless surveillance by land and air for the sake of the vlog, and she barely seems jealous of her husband to be’s obvious paraphilia for drones.

So if you’re looking for a break from purely poker related content and fancy something a little more Melrose Place than Rounders, give this vlog a go.

When asked by his fiancee if the relationship was a grind for him, his response is: ‘This relationship is like a super soft five-ten game, just fish central.’ Is there a sweeter sentiment expressed more beautifully?

I wish my Valentine’s day was half so sweet.

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