Vanessa Rousso Expecting Twins

3 months ago
Vanessa Rousso Expecting Twins
07 Nov

Vanessa Rousso has announced that she is expecting twin boys. The American-French tournament player tweeted how she is an all or nothing kinda girl and looks to be over the moon with the news.

It was only back in August that Rousso and her long term partner Melissa Oullet announced Oullet’s pregnancy with another baby boy. Now the pair will be intensely preparing everything for the arrival of three babies knowing that both of them will be recovering from giving birth at the same time.

Busy Busy

You have to admire Rousso’s courage at taking on so much in her life. It’s less than a year since she qualified as a lawyer and set about taking her life in a different direction. Her poker career has steadily been pushed to the wayside over the last decade as she has reassessed what she wants from her life.

With $3.5 million in live tournament winnings, and more from online play, the girl from Miami has had a successful career, and likely achieved everything she set out to do. That said, she only has a handful of cashes since the end of 2011 and has dropped out of the limelight since her PokerStars sponsorship ended in 2015.

We wish Rousso and Oullet the very best of luck for next year.

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