Vanessa Selbst Debut as Rec Player Angers Some

3 years ago
Vanessa Selbst Debut as Rec Player Angers Some
26 Jan

After announcing her retirement from poker to move on to hedge fund trading as 2018 arrived, Vanessa Selbst apparently found herself with some free time last weekend in between learning about standard deviations, arbitrage, and busted convertibles.

So what does poker's all-time money winner among the fairer sex do when taking a respite from the world of short selling and portfolio simulations? Why, she enters a poker tournament as a non-professional, of course!

Vanessa posted the following tweet, obviously happy to be making a return to the felt.

However, Selbst' announcement didn't sit well with everybody, especially fellow hedge fund trader Dan Shak, who questioned the timing of Vanessa's retirement announcement and subsequent return to action.

Selbst appeared genuinely surprised at Shak's response. Especially considering his status as an "amateur" poker player. Dan has cashed for over $9 million during his career- make that non-career - on the poker tables.

A number of other replies to Vanessa's original tweet about participating in the 2018 WPT Lucky Hearts Poker at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida were also not very encouraging about her return to action, however, they were not as derisive as Shak's comment. A discussion about how to determine the difference between recs and regs followed, but the blurred lines remain.

Perhaps Dale had the best advice for Selbst regarding her player status:

For those wondering, Vanessa failed to earn a payday in her "rec" debut. She hit the rail in a manner familiar to both recreational players and regulars.

Still a bit stunned about the responses received to her announced return to action, Selbst reminded her followers that there are matters of more importance going on in the world other than whether she plays poker for fun or not.

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