Viffer Calls Out Deeb on Debt Claim

4 years ago
Viffer Calls Out Shaun Deeb on Debt Claim
10 Oct


It’s hard to go online nowadays and not find yourself drawn into the Twitter wars of the top pros, and this week it’s David ‘Viffer’ Peat and Shaun Deeb who are indulging in a bit of tweety-fisticuffs – much to the delight of fans and, well, haters everywhere.

Neither player has much of a reputation for straight-up honesty among the poker community, so when ‘Viffer’ decided to pick up on something Daniel Negreanu spoke about recently about Mike ‘the Mouth’ Matusow

…it didn’t take long for Shaun Deeb to stick his nose in, and bend Viffer’s out of shape.

It didn’t just stay on Twitter however – Viffer took to the popular 2+2 forum and went into some detail, without actually giving any, errr, details! You’ll have to excuse all the spelling and grammatical errors though – blame the guys not me or my editor!

"In todays poker economy there is a lot of disagreements,” stated Viffer, a regular among the high-stakes poker community. “People think they are owed, people do owe, people steel, rob, and such. My question is, If player A says player B owes him money, Player B tells player A that hes doesnt. Player A publicly keeps telling people player B owes him money. Situations like this come up a lot and can be arbitrated.”

Viffer continues:

"If player A says lets arbitrate this, then he is free rolling player B. Player B says ok lets arbitrate this, but lets bet on the outcome. Player B feels hes right and if hes going to arbitrate he wants upside. If player A refuses to bet on it, then he must not be that confident and should quit telling people player B owes him money.”

Still with us? Good! Neither Viffer nor Deeb will be winning any Pulitzer prizes for their writing, but since they are poker players we’ll let it slide. Basically Viffer is confident that he owes Deeb nothing and is willing to allow a third party to adjudicate on the alleged debt, apparently worth $38,000, and place a bet on the outcome too!

"If anyone says you owe them money either pay them or ask them to arbitrate it with up side for both. This would cut down on a lot of false accusations. Shaun, please either accept my offer to bet on arbitration, or stop telling the public i owe you. Putting that on twitter is irresponsible. If your not willing to bet you are usually wrong. A simple im sorry Viffer will do, or lets find someone to arbitrate and bet.”

It didn’t take long for Deeb to come back swinging, tweeting:

The retort was also quick to appear:

"PLease shut up, Just because you say someone owes you doesnt mean they do. @shaundeeb #putuporshutup”

And it wasn’t just the two of them at it, Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates barging in on the double-act with a 2+2 snipe at Viffer.

"Oh no guys, viffer is being accused that he owes someone money! what can we do to help protect his fantastic reputation???”

The sarcasm is related to the Jungleman vs Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan match on which there were significant side-bets, Viffer allegedly refusing to honor any of his ‘losses’ when the match was halted.

Naturally Viffer was of a different opinion, replying:

"Here is another situation where i offered to bet 250k who was right. You guys like to just accuse people, I will still offer my 250k to anyone that wants it."

He went on:

"PLease dont accuse me of things if your not willing to bet on it. I will be happy to escrow the money Shawn says i owe, plus another 20k. He just has to put up 20k.”

He then turned his attention to Cates himself, posting:

"JungleMan and the rest of the village idiots ( who i have gained some respect for ) can still make the same bet we tried to make many years ago. If you arent illing to bet on some thing you are usually wrong.”

Back to Twitter for the final shots of the day, and Viffer seemed to be having an argument with himself by now, although the regulars on 2+2’s News, Views and Giossip (NVG) forum were lapping it all up.

"Ill give @tsarrast 58k you give him 20, either he can arbitrate or find us 1. Brian ill pay you for your time. Nothing more to talk about.”

Well, the Twitter wars are fun while they last and takes our minds of other - more serious – matters. And the Negreanu-Matusow beef I mentioned earlier?

Just Negreanu pointing out in his usual way that ‘Mike the Mouth’ doesn’t deserve a Hall of Fame spot at the moment because a) he apparently owes everyone money and b) he hasn’t kept up with the modern game and thus his ‘longevity’ claims are in question.

No doubt Twitter will be aflame tomorrow again with a Negreanu and Matusow’ rematch!

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