Virtue Poker Adds Brian Rast and Dan Colman as Advisors

3 years ago
Virtue Poker Adds Brian Rast and Dan Colman as Advisors
12 Sep

A projected launch date more than a year away in late 2018 hasn't stopped Virtue Poker from lining up two of the world's top poker pros as advisors, as the "in development" poker site announced that Dan Colman and Brian Rast have joined the team.

If you're unfamiliar with Virtue Poker, it’s a new online poker room that has set its sights on revolutionizing the industry. That goal will be accomplished by relying on "a blockchain-based poker application built using [the cryptocurrency] Ethereum," according to the VP website.

Virtue Poker stands apart because players will never actually deposit money on the site, but will fund a wallet and will send their buy-ins to the poker table via the digital wallet, with winners receiving payouts directly to their wallets after leaving the table. Money will be controlled by a "blockchain contract," ensuring that player funds won't ever be mismanaged.

Virtue Poker founders call it "a decentralized peer-to-peer poker platform." Poker players may call it their online poker home if the grand vision of those founders should come to fruition.

Advisors, Not Sponsored Pros

Tabbing Rast and Colman as advisors to join the team certainly gives Virtue Poker some star power, as was first to report. The two are among the top 10 in live tournament winnings over their respective careers.

“I’ve become very interested in the cryptocurrency space this year and am excited to work with the Virtue Poker team to bring this new type of poker platform to market,” stated Rast.

Colman admitted to being equally excited, calling Virtue Poker:

"An innovative solution that I believe can add a lot of value to online poker."

Fair Games

In addition to the advantage of player fund safety, Virtue Poker cites other positives that players can expect from the new poker site such as lower rake due to less expenses with regard to financial transactions. Also, VP will employ "a Mental Poker protocol for card shuffling and results reporting" that includes the participation of all players in the process to ensure fairness.

Virtue Poker has been in development since May 2015. The name, as readers have likely deduced, was chosen because the VP founders are intent on operating a site built on trust and integrity.

Co-founder Ryan Gittleson stated that the time is right "for blockchain technology to showcase its utility in a manner that will satisfy both players and regulators.”

I couldn't agree more. Whether or not Virtue Poker will be available to US players remains to be seen. Lawyers from around the world, including USA, have been consulted, with feedback expected in due course.

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