Where’s the Line? How to Avoid Being Kicked Out of a Casino

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Where’s the Line? How to Avoid Being Kicked Out of a Casino
14 Dec

Gambling is an activity that is loved by most people on the planet as it is hard to think of another pastime that provides the same kind of excitement that games like poker or roulette provide players. Of course, people enjoy all sorts of entertainment but only gambling provides that indescribable feeling when people get a jackpot win. When people travel to play at a casino, they will likely do so successfully and without problems. This is because most people play honestly, but there are always some who seek to cheat casinos for financial gain.

This is simply something that casinos do not like as one of their prime directives is to ensure profits are good. People playing unfairly will affect that, and thus casinos generally come down harshly on those they catch in the act. There is a popular scene in the famous The Hangover film where one of the characters succeeds in counting cards, to the annoyance of the pit boss who sends security after them. This is likely many people’s only experience with what could happen when people are caught playing unjustly at a casino. However, there is a more recent, real-life example that some people may be aware of.

Those who have been following along with gambling news will know that the six years long Phil Ivey-Borgata feud came to an end last year, to the delight of many involved most likely. For the uninitiated, the legal battle was born after several high-stake baccarat sessions in 2012. Across these, Ivey and his partner won around $9.6 million from the Borgata, a casino in Atlantic City. However, it was later found that the pair were using a controversial gambling method called edge sorting. Given this, the casino came down on the duo with their full legal power and filed a suit against Ivey and his partner.

Given this news, many will likely want to forego playing baccarat at the Borgata in case they end up like Ivey and his partner. Fortunately, there are many online baccarat casinos for people to access from the comfort of their own homes, which is proving to be the preferred way of gambling for most people. Ivey did eventually end up winning the case though, so it seems that he got the last laugh at the Borgata in the end.

Most people will never end up in the situation that Ivey found himself in though as this is because people know how to conduct themselves in casinos. However, to avoid getting kicked out or worse fates, people should always remember that the casino has a house edge. It is how why they are profitable and how they make money, so using shadowy techniques in order to eliminate this edge puts casinos within their rights to seek justice.

It is clear that people love gambling, but as long as they don’t follow the example of Ivey and play fairly, the likelihood of them ever getting kicked out of a casino is fairly low.

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