Why Mike Matusow Should Delete His Own Twitter Account

3 years ago
Why Mike Matusow Should Delete His Own Twitter Account
20 Mar

Social media has made it possible for anyone with a Twitter account to post their opinions on every topic imaginable. So those of us who follow poker pros have been subjected to the political leanings of professional players.

One of the more outspoken of the bunch has been Mike 'The Mouth' Matusow, whose pro-Trump tweets have caused quite the furor on more than one occasion. But it seems a kinder, gentler Matusow has emerged recently, one who has seemingly discarded political debates on social media in hopes of maintaining a newfound happiness.

The Mouth followed up on that tweet the very next day, explaining in greater detail how he respects the opinions of others, save for those who are clueless.

Matusow advises others to #geteducated, but apparently doesn't know the difference between using the word "whether" or "weather." Several followers picked up on his "education" shortcomings:

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