Why the Hendon Mob is actually Flawed

11 months ago
Why the Hendon Mob is actually Flawed
22 Feb

We’ve all had that scroll down the Hendon Mob, scouring over the best players in the world and seeing how many millions they have made. But how much of an insight into a players success are we being shown really? 

First off, let us not take anything away from Hendon Mob. They are the most popular poker website for a reason and players love the information readily available at their fingertips. However, the site does not always give us an entirely accurate representation of a player’s profile.

Winnings but Not Losses

Unfortunately for players looking to see how successful their peers or favourite players are doing, Hendon Mob only shows the winnings players have accumulated, but not their losses. So if a player has scored for twenty times their average buy-in, it’s not certain how many attempts they had at similar tournaments without cashing. They may have spent more in buy-ins alone than that individual cash itself in the space of a week, and we are none the wiser. Therefore determining how much profit a player has made is not something that can be deducted from looking at the website, and you may need to look further into it. Maybe the player you are looking at isn’t doing that well after all.

They only show Reported Results

You may have experienced this issue if you play small stakes tournaments, and that your results have not been uploaded to the site after cashing or making the final table. At the end of the day, it is the tournament directors and staff that are in charge of recording your results. In fact, some casino’s don’t let the results go further than the casino, and that can really mix up a players deep runs and significant cashes.

Tournaments only

Bad luck if you’re a cash player, because Hendon Mob have no track record of how much profit you have made. People will usually refer to your Hendon Mob when talking about skill or ability but are oblivious to the fact that these results do not include cash games, and tournaments are the only variant available.

Results don’t factor in Deals

We’re sure the majority of players have once in their career had an opportunity to make a deal, there are many benefits in doing so. However deals are not something that Hendon Mob take into account. The reason is that Hendon Mob only show ‘official payouts’. Deals happen from the smallest games in your local casino up to games like The Super High Roller Bowl. So if you are to chop in a tournament, remember sometimes what you walk away with won’t be the recorded payout on your profile.

Multiple Profiles

Last but not least, the issue with player bios. Not a problem for most players, but those with a nickname or a name that is hard to spell are sure to run into some mix ups. Ultimately, the inputs of results are by humans, and there are bound to be errors made in the process. You will see some players within the database that have more than one account. This will often mean that players overall earnings are split between two or more than two accounts.

All in all, Hendon Mob database produces a vast amount of tournament data that you cannot find elsewhere, meaning that you will always be able to see who ran deep and who has cashed for the most. However make sure and follow the above points when evaluating a players profile and remember there might be some underlying data that you are not aware off.

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