Will Kassouf Resurfaces After Theft and Heads To Vegas

8 months ago
Will Kassouf Resurfaces After Theft and Heads To Vegas
12 Oct

When William Kassouf suffered the embarrassment and ignominy of being dropped by his sponsor and vilified by the poker-playing public for a drunken ‘chip-theft’ last month, it seemed likely that he’d drop out of sight for a few months at least – but today the polarising English pro reappeared on Twitter to announce he was Vegas bound…

Kassouf left a lot of questions unanswered when he made a public apology for what he called his “foolish behaviour” during an “embarrassing incident” – uncontested claims that he had palmed, then pocketed, casino chips belonging to a friend on a night out during the GUKPT Leeds stop in England…

His sponsors, Grosvenor Casinos, quickly dropped him amid the resulting public furore, and Kassouf seemed set for long-lasting public condemnation for his actions, which he has yet to acknowledge in any detail.

However, his tweet would suggest that his love and need for poker – or some might say publicity – has over-ridden any fears of ostracism, Kassouf posing happily with the pilot and crew of the Vegas-bound jet.

The Wynn Fall Classic Championship event seems to be his ultimate destination if the pics are anything to go by, the $1500 buy-in event due to start on October 12th.

There is sure to be heightened publicity surrounding the mouthy Rickmansworth pro’s attendance, Kassouf springing to the attention of the poker community at large when he ran deep in the 2016 WSOP Main Event, garnering as much TV time for his polarising antics as for his actual play, culminating in the infamous ‘check your privilege’ showdown with Griffin Benger

Kassouf won’t be the first beleaguered poker pro to bounce back from making some highly unethical or illegal decisions, and it will be interesting to see how the US poker community react to his appearance this week.

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