Shaun Deeb Accuses Will Kassouf of Stealing $100 Chips

1 year ago
Shaun Deeb Accuses Will Kassouf of Stealing $100 Chips
17 Sep

The well-known English poker pro, William Kassouf, may be in serious trouble after a drunken night out at the GUKPT stop in Leeds saw him accused of stealing $100 chips from a friend at the roulette table, the ensuing argument almost leading to a punch-up according to an eye-witness…

The story was broken by US pro Shaun Deeb, who took to Twitter yesterday after apparently receiving a text message, stating Kassouf was “palming 100$ chips at roulette table” and is now “banned from all properties and dropped by his sponsorship”

Posters on 2+2 have also been discussing the alleged incident on the back of Deeb’s tweet, Topdoll827 – high-stakes amateur poker player Paul Newey - writing:

“I am hearing an unconfirmed report that Kassouf was stealing chips from a 'friend' whilst they were both playing roulette and that his sponsorship by Grosvenor Casinos has been suspended pending a full investigation.”

A Facebook post, pictured below, has described what is alleged to have happened… the poster party to the incident and stating later on 2+2 that:

“We had argument about it at the bar which nearly turned into a punchup.”

He added:

“Unfortunately for loudmouth, ironically his speeching got heard by the casino staff who reviewed the matter and before you knew it the whole of the poker room had heard”.

Grosvenor Poker, Kassouf’s sponsor, told PokerTube today:

"We can confirm an incident took place at our Leeds casino in the early hours of Saturday morning between two players. The incident is currently under investigation,” although no details of those involved or what transpired were given.

Kassouf, who sprang to fame and fortune at the 2016 WSOP Main Event, and who has polarised fans of the game ever since with his entertaining/excruciating speechplay, was in Leeds playing in the GUKPT event there, this tweet appearing just hours before the alleged ‘roulette incident’

The unfortunate situation is grist to the mill of Deeb, who started something of a flame war last month when among other things he accused Kassouf of hitting on his wife, something the Englishman denied, as did Deeb’s wife.

Yesterday’s claims, however, are of a much more serious nature, Kassouf a solicitor as well as a well-known poker pro, Deeb also stating: “now we know where his buyins were coming from” and finishing with the spiteful, and typically misspelt, hashtag #goodriddence

PokerTube are waiting for a response from William Kassouf, which has been promised shortly.

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FilledUpFilledUpon 18/9/18

They say good poker players write books. Bad poker players write articles. I actually feel bad for you, writing your articles all the way from Scotland, partially revealing details about someone when you don't actually have a grasp of the context of the situation and without knowing the details whilst ignoring the fact that the players wish to resolve whatever happened amongst themselves. I feel bad for you.. but I'm glad you can make $50 by tarnishing the reputation of someone else. It seems like you need it... being an "avid poker player" with just $600 live, lifetime earnings.

streetfighterstreetfighteron 19/9/18

You mean having contacted Will, Grosvenor Poker, and been in touch with the person whose post was shared on 2+2? The story went public, I reported it with all the info I could get from those involved, as did other sites. Well, easier to be an anonymous hater I guess mate, eh? (and btw, that $600 Hendon Mob listing isn't me ;) )