William Kassouf Uses Online Poker Winnings to Buy McLaren Supercar!

4 weeks ago
William Kassouf Uses Online Poker Winnings to Buy McLaren Supercar!
18 Aug

He’s the least shy and retiring poker pro in the world and this week William ‘Nine high like a Boss’ Kassouf lived up to his larger-than-life reputation with a new supercar tweet that will have fans and haters green with envy!

The English pro has been plying his trade online for the past few months and it appears to have paid off in spades, the McLaren 570 GT weighing in at a hefty £157,000 ($217,000) – and that’s the basic model!

Kassouf even managed to bag himself a personalised number plate, itself worth a buy-in or two, but the man who hails from Rickmansworth, near London, is noted for taking the Chris Moneymaker satellite route to huge paydays, as this recent tweet reveals…

Will’s results and successes are notable, of course, but it’s his table talk that first gained him fame and notoriety, with a WSOP Main Event run in 2016 that saw him involved in that year’s biggest argument.

Kassouf had already been in trouble for refusing to stop his constant jibber-jabber and jibes at fellow player, Stacey Matuson. When the tournament was down to just two tables, however, with poker’s most iconic title on the horizon, Kassouf took things way too far.

A massive hand against Griffin Benger erupted when Kassouf couldn’t keep quiet, the Canadian eventually breaking and exclaiming:

“You’re just an abusive person, man – it’s not funny, it’s not fun and games! You’re being abusive to me, it’s called verbal abuse! What you are doing to me, is verbal abuse. You’re a bully, it’s rude, it’s mean – it’s not called speech-play, it’s called being a bad person! You should really check yourself, check your privilege!”
Benger then landed the biggest blow of all as he called Kassouf’s shove and revealed pocket aces against the Englishman’s kings, the entire table relieved when the aces held up and Kassouf was unceremoniously dumped out of the Main Event in 17th place.

That incredible WSOP moment went viral, and it didn’t look as though Kassouf could top it for car-crash entertainment value.

However, he hit the headlines a couple of years later – and again it wasn’t a pretty sight.

A drunken night out following the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour ended in regret and reprisals, Kassouf accused of stealing $100 chips from a friend at the roulette table, the ensuing argument almost leading to a punch-up according to an eye-witness.

Kassouf lost his Grosvenor sponsorship in the aftermath of the incident, which he described as “an error of judgment”, although the poker community was generally unimpressed with his apology.

Of course, it’s hard to keep a man like Kassouf down for long, and his irrepressibly upbeat nature was soon back on social media, and his poker skills were definitely still there, last year’s “Christmas present” paying something towards his recent supercar buy!

Whether Kassouf will be taking another tilt at the WSOP main Event this year remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure…you’ll certainly know about it if he does!

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