WSOP Champ Scott Blumstein Battles Weight Loss Issues

1 year ago
WSOP Champ Scott Blumstein Battles Weight Loss Issues
07 Feb

Scott Blumstein is a ‘big guy’. His words, no judgement. This wasn’t always the case, he was a high-school athlete and was in the process of getting some of that young Blumstein mojo back when the WSOP put his best laid plans on hold. 

“A couple weeks before the Main Event, when I was back home, was the most successful I’d ever been as far as getting healthy and losing weight.” Blumstein says. “And then the Main Event got in the way of that, so afterward it was more party and celebration. I kind of lost sight of what I needed to do.”

Like a lot of recent WSOP Champs who came to the role without a lot of titles behind them. He’s looking to bulk up his CV/Hendon Mob page with a few other big events. So, he gave himself six months to enjoy the wake that winning $8.1 million leaves behind it. Play hard at both the party and the poker. But now,he says it is time to get back on track.

“I am temporarily renting a place down in San Diego, California, with a couple buddies who all play their role in trying to help me get in shape,” he says. “Every ounce of my energy and strength is going toward that these days. That's like the main plot of my life going forward. Poker will just be a part of that when I can and when I see fit.”

He’s not the first to make health a priority in his poker life. As far as day-to-days go the high-stakes poker lifestyle has its drawbacks. While setting your own hours, travelling from game to game, and playing a game you presumably love is great, it isn’t the healthiest of gigs. In addition to the usual nine-to-five problem of being sat down all day – probably looming over your chips or mouse in a back-cricking forward slump – it’s also a game of odd hours, day long shifts, and eye-popping tilt-induced blood pressure.

From his Twitter account, it looks like its going well so far.

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