WSOP Event #38: $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship

5 years ago
WSOP Event #38: $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship
22 Jun

Day 3

Joe McKeehen Wins Second Bracelet

23:55 PST, 21st June 2017

Jared Talerico and Joe McKeehen went into heads up play with just 600,000 between Talerico’s stack (3,300,000) and McKeehen’s (2,700,000).

Play was slow and methodical, but McKeehen slowly accrued most of the chips. When the end came Talerico was down to just 100,000 chips with the big bet at 200,000. His stack went in as the big blind and McKeehen called with the T-5.

Talerico looked at his cards and found he had just 4-3. The board was dealt out to a silence in the crowd, coming down Q-J-8-5-A

2015 Main Event Champion Joe McKeehen was now the $10,000 Limit Hold’em Champion as well.

Talerico took $192,717 for his second place finish, while McKeehen collected another bracelet and $311,817 for his win, for what even he considered an insane run of cards.

“I just won all the hands early,” was his only comment. And later, “I had a great run.”

You can say that again.

1Joe McKeehen
2Jared Talerico
3Sorel Mizzi
4Ben Yu
5JC Tran
6Robert Campbell
7Ray Henson
8Terrence Chan
9Aaron Sacks

Down to Heads Up

22:48 PST, 21st June 2017

We are down to heads up with the following eliminations having occurred on the final table:

Hand #25:Aaron Sacks was busted by Terrence Chan with A-K against Sacks’ K-K. The board was Q-T-7 when the money went in. The turn came a Jack giving Chan the straight. The river was a blan sending Aaron to the rail in 9th with a cash of $26,000

Hand #62: Terrence Chan, didn’t manage to hold on to those chips for long though, going out  in 8th for $32,443.

Here the hand count was lost so rough time’s will have to take the place:

19:24 - Raymond Henson got his chips in pre with the betting limits at 40,000-80,000. His A-J raced against Robert Campbell’s K-Q and lost on a K-9-8-x-x board. Henson earned $41,399 for his 7th place finish.

19:53 - Robert Campbell took sixth 6th for $53,955 when Ben Yu beat him at showdown. The betting limits are now up to 50,000-100,000.

21:11 - It took over a full blind level for the next elimination: JC Tran (5th - $71,949) followed by:

21:50 - Ben Yu had lost three hands running to Sorel Mizzi leaving him with just 180,000 in chips. On the fourth hand Ben Yu raised from the button and called Mizzi’s all in reraise with Kc-6c.

Mizzi showed Qd-Jc and the board ran out 9-5-4-Q-9, giving Mizzi the hand and Yu a fourth place finish to go with his lowball bracelet. He earned $97,904.

22:48 - Following the pattern of this table for busting a player then going bust themselves, Sorel Mizzi was the next out in 3rd for $135,985.  The limits were 80,000-160,000 and Mizzi’s A-Q couldn’t beat Jared Talerico’s turned flush with the Js-3s.

Final Table Reached 

16:10 PST, 21st June 2017

Jon Turner (14th - $17,894), Daniel Negreanu (13th - $17,894), Shaun Deeb (12th - $21,318) all ended up going out before the small stack at the start of the day Ian Johns bust out in 11th for $21,318. With that the unofficial final table was formed.

Somehow the second smallest stack, 2015 WSOP ME Champ Joe McKeehen, seemed to have worked his way up to a healthy looking 915,000.

It was Tom McCormick who gave up the ghost first. With just 21,000 in chips , 9c-7c lost in a three way all in again which McKeehen won with pocket kings.

The official final table had begun and McCormick took $21,318 for his 10th place finish.

Day Three Play Begins

14:03 PST, 21st June 2017

Day three begins with just fourteen players left and everyone guaranteed $17,894. But with the crowd of cut throats, sharks and Vatican assassins crowded around the table no one is looking to go home with anything less than the bracelet.

JC Tran leads the field as the only player with over a million in chips, while Ian Johns (59,000) is scraping in with a little over 2 big bets.

But all you need is a chip and a chair, it could be anyone’s game.

Day 2

Two Tables Left, JC Tran Leads

01:58 PST, 21st June 2017

With just 14 players left, JC Tran leads the field with 1,150,000. He is up against Ian Johns the defending champ tomorrow although, with just 59,000 Johns is the smallest stack. More worrying for Tran will be Terrence Chan (831,000) the second biggest stack, and Sorel Mizzi (641,000) in third. Also still in the hunt are Ben Yu (446,000), Daniel Negreanu (425,000), Tom McCormick (321,000), Shaun Deeb (217,000), and in second to last Joe McKeehen (84,000).

Tomorrow the betting limits will start at 12,000-24,000 and run for two hours.

Chip Counts At the End of Day Two

1JC Tran
2Terrence Chan
3Sorel Mizzi
4Ray Henson
5Ben Yu
6Daniel Negreanu
7Jared Talarico
8Tom McCormick
9Aaron Sacks
10Robert Campbell


Hellmuth Out in 16th, O’Grady Follows In 15th

01:39 PST, 21st June 2017

One of the last bustos of the evening was none other than Phil Hellmuth himself, who had a colourful day in which he berated Joe McKeehen and called Terrence Chan a ‘moronic motherfucker’.

He left the tournament in 16th place for $15,385 when his A-7 failed to connect with the board against Shaun Deeb’s pocket sixes.

Michael O’Grady went out a little later in 15th shortly before the day ended.

Money Bubble Bursts

22:05 PST, 20th June 2017

After Jeff Thompson busted in 20th play went hand-for-hand on the bubble. The betting level was up to 10,000-20,000 JC Tran raised with A-T from under the gun and then called Ismael Bojang’s reraise for another 4,000.

Bojang showed Qd-2d but the board of A-Q-6-7-K sent him to the rail with nothing, and bumped everyone else up to a minimum payout of $15,385.

Gregorich Loses To O’Grady

19:33 PST, 20th June 2017

Jameson Painter was the first out, busting almost immediately the floor manager gave the cry of shuffle up and deal.

By the time the betting limits were at 8,000-16,000 Dan Shak, Bryce Landier, Aron Dermer, Mark Klecan and Mark Gregorich had also busted.

Back for Day 2

02:09 PST, 20th June 2017

41 players return to do battle in the mathematician’s game of limit hold’em. Ben Yu is leading the field and is chased by two very hungry and talented pros in the form of Ian Johns who is defending champ of this event, and Daniel Negreanu who’s got three bracelets to win this year or he has to pay out an undisclosed sum on a bet he’s made.

Action starts with betting limits of 5,000-10,000 and  a couple of very short stacks Jameson Painter with 24,000 and Bryan Lazarski with 39,500.

Good luck to everyone, but a little more to the underdogs.

Shuffle up and deal!

Day 1

Ben Yu Leads Field into Day 2

02:12 PST, 20th June 2017

Despite registering last, Ben Yu, leads the field into day two with 360,000 in chips. He is closely followed by last year’s winner Ian Johns (272,000) who is looking to go back-to-back and Daniel Negreanu (260,000) who is looking for bracelet number seven.

Yu has his own reasons to want to win. He took this event down in 2015.

Other big names still in the running include: Phil Hellmuth (225,000), Joe McKeehen (209,000), and JC Tran (190,500) who are all in the top 20.

Ben Yu leads a field of 41 players left in the $10,000 Limit Hold’em event from the 120 players who ended up entering. This was ten more than last year, and is one of the few tourneys to have bucked the trend for lower entries on last year.

The 120 entries have made for a prize pool of $1,128,000 which will be split between 1st-18th with a min-cash of $15,385 and a grand prize of $311,817 for whoever wins the crown.

Top 9 Chips Stacks

02:03 PST, 20th June 2017

1Ben Yu
2Ian Johns
3Daniel Negreanu
4Kevin Song
5Michael Ross
6Phil Hellmuth
7Mark Klecan
8Joe McKeehen
9Mike Schneider
10Tom McCormick


Notable Eliminations and Late Entrants

23:47 PST, 19th June 2017

Phil Hellmuth is among those who have bought in right under the wire as late reg approaches the end. He follows other later reges like, David “ODB” Baker, Daniel Negreanu, Mike Matusow, and Jason Mercier.

Some players who might have done a little better if they’d avoided playing so early include and Erik Seidel, Kenny Hsiung, Jason Mercier and David Benyamine–  who was knocked out fairly early by Ahn Van Nguyen.

Ben Yu entered during the final break coming hot off his win in the $10,000 2-7 Lowball event.

Day 1 Begins

15:02 PST, 19th June 2017

Day One of the $10,000 buy-in limit hold’em event begins with just 32 entries so far, but with eight levels of late registration that is unlikely to be the lot. Ian Johns. Last year’s winner of this event is back to defend his title along with 2015 Maini Event champ Joe McKeehen and Brock Parker.

All 32 players begin 50,000 in chips with the blinds at 300-500 making the betting limits 500-1000. There will be ten levels of play today ending with betting limits of 4,000-8,000. From day two, blind levels go up to two hours per level and there are no antes in this tourney.

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