WSOP Event #42: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed Championship

5 years ago
WSOP Event #42: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed Championship
22 Jun

Day 3

Dmitry Yurasov Wins the Bracelet in just 58 Hands

00:10 PST 24th June 2017

It took just 58 hands at the final table for the rest of the field to go to the butcher leaving Dmitry Yurasov with the biggest cut of the prize pool and all of the chips.

Hand #27: Kristen Bicknell was the first to go sent to the with blinds at 40,000-80,000 with a K-3 all in pre for just 550,000. Tommy Chen called with A-8 and hit both on the A-Q-3-8-T board. She took $96,823 for her 6th place finish.

Hand #28: Albert Daher took 5th for $138,644 the very next hand when his ran his flush at full speed into the brick walls of Yurasov’s full-house. At this point Dmitry’s lead was beginning to look substantial.

Hand #36:Artem Metalidi raced pocket sevens against Yurasov’s A-Q a few hands later. Getting it all in preflop with his stack of 1,680,000. Yurasov hit a queen first card off the deck and took the hand, sending Metalidi out in 4th for $204,128.

Hand #48:Jacob Powers went out in third getting it in good with A-K against Yurasov’s A-9. But there is no use arguing against a man whose time has come. The board came T-9-2-Q-3. Powers got a pat on the back and $30,783 for 3rd.

Hand #58: It took just ten more hands to bring the game to a close. Yurasov led the heads up 14,100,000 to Tommy Chen’s 2,475,000 going in and although Chen had taken about another million off Yurasov by hand 58 he was still short stacked when the blinds went up to 50,000-100,000 with a 15,000 ante.

Tommy completed his small blind on the button and was raised to 400,000. Chen called with Qs-9s and when to the flop, which came down Q-T-8. A dream flop for Chen’s hand.

Yurasov c-bet 475,000 and Chen matched it. Yurasov fired again on the turn of a 5 and Chen moved in over the top of him for 2,750,000. Yurasov snap called and showed pocket aces. Chen needed a nine, jack or queen on the river.

Instead he got the four of clubs, and Dmitry got the bracelet. Chen earned $479,561 for second and Yurasov got $775,923 for first.


Final Table Results

1Dmitry Yurasov
2Tommy Chen
3Jacob Powers
4Artem Metalidi
5Albert Daher
6Kristen Bicknell



Kick off To FT in Five Levels

20:12 PST, 23rd June 2017

Day 3 started at 14:00 PST with a rogues gallery of bracelet winners, card spinners, and wolves in wolves clothing. Just 24 players came back to room with chips after day 3 and it didn’t take long – just under six blind levels – to send the lot of them to the rail.

Grayson Ramage went out in 7th place for $69,578 at around 20:12 PST. Leaving a final table of Dmitry Yurasov, Tommy Chen, Jacob Powers, Artem Metalidi, Albert Daher and Kristen Bicknell.


Day 2

Carrel Heads Up Feild Heading Into Day 3

It was a big day at the series. Day two of the $10,000 6-Handed Championship was a hugely fun day of star after star going up against one another. One mad table of Charlie Carrel, Sam Stein, Joseph Elpayaa, Dario Sammartino, Anthony Gregg and Joe Kuether set the tone for the day. 

Carrel heads up the field with 1,500,000 in chips. He and his tie-dyed hoodie are closely followed by Albert Daher in second with 1,418,000 and Chi Zhang in third with 1,317,000. Behind them are big names like Dario Sammartino (755,000), Sam Stein (690,000), Grayson Ramage (638,000), Eric Wasserman (600,000) and Kristen Bicknell (504,000).

Right at the back is Steven Iglesias (160,000) and Thomas Muehloecker (191,000) the only players under 200k

Several players made the money but not the third day including Levan Karamanishvili who was first out after the bubble in 50th for $15,091. He wasn’t alone on the rail for long though other big names to fall ITM were Jonathan Jaffe (47th - $15,516), Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson (43rd - $15,516), Ben Yu (40th - $16,580), Olivier Busquet (32nd - $18,386) and Christian Rudolph (27th - $21,131).

Elio Fox even managed to bust on the very last hand of the day.

While some even bigger names – James Obst, Bertrand Grosspellier, Phil Hellmuth, Matt Glanz, Jeff Gross, Adrian Mateos and Ankush Mandavia, f’rinstance – all went out with unsigned cheques for $0.00.

Tomorrow will start at 14:00 PST with blinds at 10,000-20,000 with a 3,000 ante and the goal will be to play down to the final table or winner depending on how long everyone holds on. Given the hour long hand for hand today, they might need a day 5

Elsewhere Daniel Negreanu dropped some wise words on the $10k LHE event, and Jeff Gross was selling phone attachments to Mike Matusow.

End of Day Chip Count for Top Nine

1Charlie Carrel
2Albert Daher
3Chi Zhang
4Tommy Chen
5Dmitry Yurasov
6Xixiang Luo
7Ivan Deyra
8Connor Drinan
9Amit Makhija

Down to Five Tables

01:09 PST, 23rd June 2017

On the final break of the day, the field was down to 34 players. It’s been a gruelling go of it, but we’re down to the last blind level of the day: 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante.

Albert Daher led the field at that point with the only million chip stack

A few hands after the break though, and now we are down to just 28 players on five tables.

There were plenty of shenanigans including Dan Smith, trying to squeeze $100 out of Eric Wasserson in exchange for showing his hand.

Trickett took to Twitter to complain about how he went out. And Charlie Carrel has just been tweeting obscene chip porn at the internet:

Pop, Goes Vincents’s Stack and the Bubble

22:58 PST,  22nd June 2017

It took about six hours to get down to the bubble of 51 players. Along the way we had scenarios where Dario Samartino busted Tony Gregg, then went on to tangle with Charlie Carrel, this is the kind of event we are playing: hammerhead versus great white at every table. 

By the time we got down to the bubble, no one wanted out, and no one was disappointed. It took damn near an hour of hand-for-hand to bust that last pesky player.

Eventually though, with blinds at 4,000-8,000 with a 1,000 ante, Goran Mandic picked up J-T in the cut-off and moved all in for about 450,000.

On the button Lyle Vincent looked down and saw A-J off-suit and put his stack in. With cards face up, the dealer put out the K-T-2-3-3 on the board giving Mandic the hand. A eyeball of the stacks showed Lyle Vincent was massively covered and he headed to the rail with nothing but a table’s worth of handshakes.

Everyone still in the event is now guaranteed $15,091 for a min-cash.

But that doesn’t matter so much. Everyone’s goal just shifted from turning a profit to making a fortune. There’s $775,923 up top, and everyone without one wants a bracelet, and everyone with one wants another.

Phil Hellmuth Gone

16:04 PST, 22nd June 2017

We lost a few big names over the course of the first two blind levels, but none as big as Phil Hellmuth Jr who gave a load of Hollywood to Albert Daher shoved the river on what might have been a bluff:

“You’re just sitting there waiting to give your chips to me. Wow, king-queen of clubs drawing dead. I’m the best player in the world – people just love to give their chips to me in these things.”

Then he folded, giving his chips to Daher and leaving him with just 67,000 behind.

Not long after he headed for the door with the green signs above them. Sorel Mizzi and Jonathan Concepcion followed in the next few hands so at least he’ll have someone to tell his bad beats stories too.

Perhaps he should take something more like Anatoly Filatov’s attitude:

At The Start of Day Two

14:06 PST, 22nd June 2017

Here we are around the halfway point of the series, it’s been a lot of fun. We’ve had worries about marked cards, Phil Hellmuth called an MMA fighter a ‘moronic motherfucker’ and survived, and there’s been so many bracelet sweats that it’s almost time for my monthly shower just three weeks in.

But today is not about the series as a whole, or the skewed Player of the Year standings, or even about Patrik Antonius’ dreamy eyes and where they’ve been all series. 

Today is just about grinding the $10,000 6-max field down to something approaching a final table.

129 players set their alarm clocks for early afternoon in order to make the 14:00 PST start.

Blinds are starting out at 1,200-2,400 with a 400 ante (there appears to be a discrepancy between the structure put out by the WSOP and the one they are actually playing) and should go on for ten levels today until the end of the 8,000-16,000 level.

Every table is a who’s who of people you don’t want to have to play against when you’ve got $10,000 invested and only 50 people in the room are getting paid.

Jeff Gross is back in the pack today and had the following to say about his performance on Day 1:

Day 1

Day 1 Ends With Grayson Ramage in the Chip Lead

02:36 PST, 22nd June 2017

There are just 129 of the 332 runners left in the $10,000 6-Handed Championship.

They are led by Grayson Ramage with 527,700 in chips, and have been for most of the second half of the day. He is trailed in second place by Sam Stein with 364,500 and two time bracelet winner Cliff Josephy in third with 330,300.

Despite losing a lot of big names today (Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu, Upeshka De Silva, Doug Polk, Cate Hall and JC Tran) the field is still packed full of the famous and successful. Rainer Kempe (254,400)  and Matt Berkey (253,000) are both in the top ten for chips; while Kristen Bicknell (239,400), Layne Flack (210,700), Charlie Carrel (197,700) follow with substantial stacks.


The rest of the field reads like a list of the usual suspects: Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier (157,300), Ben Yu (149,300), Jonathan Duhamel (133,800), James Obst (105,300), Matt Glantz – back from his card based boycott – (66,900), Phil Hellmuth (60,000) and Jeff Gross (39,100).

Down at the bottom Chris Ferguson (25,000) and Jason Les (30,300) just scraped in above the small stack of day one Deitrich Fast who has just 18,000 in his bag.

Play will pick up tomorrow at 14:00 PST, starting with blind of 1,000-2,000 and an ante of 300. You can get all your news, views and gossip on the event here.

Late Reg Ends, Prize Pool Confirmed

00:29 PST, 22nd June 2017

In the last few minutes of registration Sorel Mizzi, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Brian Rast and Phil Hellmuth joined the field, along with Ben Yu who had just run super deep in the $100,000 Limit Hold’em event, coming in on the last break with blinds going up to level 9: 600-1,200 with a 200 ante.

332 players entered today creating a prize pool of $3,120,800. First will be taking $775,923 of that – to go with the bracelet – with second getting $479,561; all the way down to a min-cash for 49th and 50th place of $15,091.

Whoever comes in 51st will be the bubble boy/girl.

Last Year’s Champ Fails to Defend

23:10 PST, 21st June 2017

Several big names joined the field late including Cate Hall, Olivier Busquet, Jonathan Jaffe, Nick Shulman, Rainer Kempe, Jason Les and Shaun Deeb.

Dario Sammartino got a five bet jam in against Brandon Adams, and Daniel Negreanu was looking for Phil Hellmuth to give him a hard time. Luckily for Phil, Negreanu went to the rail before the Poker Brat had even turned up to buy in.

Jason Mercier, entered late then was asked to leave by the cards; along with Ryan Reiss, Chance Kornuth and Garret Greer. Along with a slew of other big name players and bracelet winners.

By ten-past eleven even Martin Kozlov, the defending champ, was gone after getting his chips in on the river against Matt O’Donnell’s set of aces.

Christopher Kruk First Out

16:11 PST, 21st June 2017

Christopher Kruk was the first in the field to go to the rail. Just after the blind level went up to 100-200 with a 25 ante, he picked up pocket queens getting most of the money in on the river when the board came out Tc-7c-3x-Jc-Kx.

Justin Adams shoved for about 28,000 into a 35,000 pot and Kruk called for what was left of his stack. Adams showed 5c-4c to take the pot with a low flush and Kruk became today’s first casualty.

Play Begins on the $10k 6max Event

3:04 PST, 21st June 2017

If six handed hold’em is your game, then the last few weeks have been a riot for you at the World Series of Poker, not only have the $1,500, $3,000 and $5,000 run pretty much end to end, today marks the final of the $5k and day one of the $10 Championship.

Last year’s winner was Martin Kozlov who outlasted a field of 294 players to drag in a pile of cash $665,709-high. He’ll no doubt be back to defend his title against all comers.

There seems a good chance of being rather more of those comers this year, the large $10,000 buy-in events seem to be doing better than last year, where most of the other events are pulling in smaller numbers of punters.

[Faraz Jaka start tweet:]

Players begin Event #42 the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed Championship with 50,000 in chips and blinds starting at 100-200 and no ante. Blinds go up every hour with a twenty minute break every two blind levels.

Today will consist of ten blind levels ending on 800-1,600 blinds with a 200 ante.

Let’s go to the tables.

You can watch Martin Kozlov’s win last year below:

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