WSOP Spokesman Threatens Banned Player With Serious Legal Actions

10 months ago
WSOP Spokesman Threatens Banned Player With Serious Legal Actions
03 Oct

John Mehaffey, free speech activist and avid poker fan is always ready for a legal battle if he feels justice is on his side: this time, he’s up against the World Series of Poker, and the issue is fund withdrawal on the WSOP poker site.

The incident that set off this chain of events happened in the summer of 2017, when Mehaffey decided to take advantage of’s reload bonus. He deposited $400, played for a couple of weeks, then, when he decided he wanted to cash out, his request was declined. Much to his surprise, the reason was he’d been given was “minimal action”, despite turning over his original deposit over 15 times, according to Mehaffey. After Mehaffey insisted on receiving his funds anyway, the poker room made him jump through hoops over and over again, and even banned him - however, Mehaffey eventually did get his $411.

The troubled player contacted the Nevada Gaming Commission about his issue with and published a blog post about his experience on the site. When he realized the investigation was going nowhere, he contacted WSOP spokesperson Seth Palansky. Mehaffey was looking for a measured, civil conversation about the issue, and about what suggestions he would make to the NGC about protecting player funds better, but what he got was baseless legal threats - and Mehaffey has a policy about publishing those.

In his most recent post, he quotes an email he received from Palansky:

“Of course, you can take any course of action that you feel you must. We aren’t threatened by any of it. We will take actions from this point forward to prevent you from spreading misinformation about our company and will do what we feel is necessary, including refusing your service at all our land-based properties as well, in addition to pursuing legal action against you”.

This is what ignited the issue once again. 

As of now, according to Mehaffey, he’s not banned from any land casinos - although he is still not allowed on All this turmoil does not stop him from fighting for better protection for online poker players. Mehaffey is planning on lobbying the Nevada State Legislature to advance his noble goals.

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