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Online Poker Billionaire Mark Scheinberg in Talks to Acquire Hakkasan Owner

Mark Scheinberg, the billionaire co-founder of PokerStars, is in advanced talks to acquire the owner of Michelin-starred London restaurant Hakkasan, Tao Group

Infamous 5Dimes Sportsbook to Close European Operations

Beleaguered Costa Rica-based sportsbook operator 5Dimes is closing down its European operation

PokerGO to Launch New Social Poker Game - Maria Ho Brand Ambassador

PokerGO is to launch a new social poker app named PokerGO Play

Why Playing Poker with Chat GPT Might Not Be a Great Idea

Playing poker with artificial intelligence models can lead to unexpected outcomes, often terrible results

Latest Filing in the Chris Moneymaker PayPal Lawsuit Appeal

After more than a year in the legal battleground, there is new movement in the ongoing legal battle between PayPal and the plaintiffs in the "Moneymaker" lawsuit

What do Lottery Winners Really Get in Their Bank (Around the World)

Out of the sum they supposedly win, how much money do lottery winners actually get in the bank? Is that sum the same or even similar worldwide?

Americas Cardroom Adds Jose Ignacio “Nacho” Barbero to Team Pros

The Team Pro roster at ACR gained more strength and diversity with the announcement that Argentine poker pro Barbero has joined the fold

Doug Polk Facing Lawsuit in Attack on Texas Poker Clubs

Mark T. Lavery has filed four lawsuits in Texas targeting social-club poker clubs

Business & Industry, 2 months ago

AI & Digital Tools vs Online Poker: How to Stay Ahead of the Game

The use of future artificial intelligence (AI) tools could potentially threaten the long-term health of the game significantly

Business & Industry, 3 months ago

5Dimes Sportsbook to Close as Widow of Murdered Founder “Has Had Enough”

The famous 5Dimes sportsbook looks set to close its doors for good according to sources

Business & Industry, 4 months ago

Jivaro HUD Users Accuse Company of Exit Scam

Online poker players who were previous customers of Jivaro are complaining that the company continues to bill their accounts despite the HUD being inoperable

Business & Industry, 4 months ago

Fire & Ice 20th Anniversary Bash Promises to Push the Limits of iGaming Entertainment

20 years in the iGaming industry and still going strong is reason enough for a huge celebration and that’s exactly what Fire & Ice have planned for February 8th in London!

Business & Industry, 5 months ago

Will Thailand Legalise Gambling?

It is no secret that the Thai population enjoys a variety of betting, even though it is illegal

Business & Industry, 5 months ago

Revolut - Becoming a Risky Bet?

Recently clarified: offers Digital money services rather than acting as a bank. No government insurance available.

Business & Industry, 5 months ago

Trainwreck's New Streaming Platform "Kick" Reportedly Owned by

Tyler "Trainwreck" Niknam's announced move from Twitch to upstart streaming platform Kick has resulted in controversy on social media

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