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Andrew from Edinburgh, Scotland, is a professional journalist, international-titled chess master, and avid poker player.

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Live Poker Events, 3 months ago

Hoodie Allen In Da House - Busting 100 Poker Players!

Hoodie’s ‘mental health day off’ saw him pop into a $150 buy-in tournament at the Hustler Casino in Los Angeles.

Randall Emmett: Hollywood’s Latest High Stakes Poker Player

Emmett, who turned 47 last month is fast becoming a regular in the big televised games, much to the joy of his fellow players…

Online Poker , 3 months ago

110 Year Old Online Gambler in New Jersey

If you thought Doyle Brunson was the oldest man in the world to pit his wits in the world of poker and gambling, think again!

Instagram’s NYPokerKing Promoting ‘Ponzi scheme’ Claims Chase Bianchi

Poker pro Chase Bianchi has taken to Instagram to accuse and its chief promoter Adnan Mohammed of running a ‘Ponzi-like business’.

Live Poker Events, 3 months ago

Rock Royalty Brings Down The Poker Night Live Full House

If you thought that Motörhead’s thunderous classic ‘Ace of Spades’ was the only link between poker and rock music you’d be very mistaken.

Daniel Negreanu Breaks Doug Polks Heart After Twitter Block!!!

When Negreanu blocked Polk from Twitter last week, the great love affair between two of the game’s brightest lights ended acrimoniously.

Matusow’s HPT Westgate Controversy Twitter Attack

Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow has launched himself into the HPT Westgate Casino controversy.

Dan Bilzerian Sells Drugs?

Dan Bilzerian is looking to make his cannabis brand Green Axis “the fucking Coca-Cola of the fucking weed industry.”

Live Poker Events, 3 months ago

Davidi Kitai Wins PartyPoker €25,500 Super High Roller For €700,000

Rubbing Buddha’s belly for luck, wealth and prosperity is an age-old custom, but for Davidi Kitai it was his pregnant wife Caroline’s bump which helped him.

Daniel Negreanu’s Alien Conspiracy Theories

For Daniel Negreanu it’s an ‘aliens walk among us revelation’ which has gripped the PokerStars man’s attention this week…

Cryptonia Poker Pre-ICO Launches

It’s the turn of Cryptonia Poker to take the spotlight in the world of crypto-poker sites, April 10th seeing the launch of its pre-ICO.

Alex Goulder Outs Chino Rheem As He Pulls Yet Another Scam!!!

David “Chino” Rheem has allegedly been up to his old tricks, English pro Alex Goulder taking to Twitter to accuse the Californian of scamming his backers.

Poker Pro Michael Borovetz Scams Travelers at Newark Airport

Tale of degenerate poker pro Michael Borovetz hit the headlines again when the 43-year old Pittsburgh man was arrested for scamming unsuspecting travellers.

HPT Westgate’s Shady 50% Buy-In Offer Upsets Players

A select group of players – dubbed “Matusow’s boys” – were offered a late half-price entry to its $1650 Main Event in order to reduce the event’s overlay.

Business & Industry, 3 months ago

PartyPoker Adopts Flying Dutchman Lüske’s Poker Rule Book

The hope is that tournaments and players will adopt the new rules as the industry-standard, helping to avoid horrible situations.