Phil Hellmuth Brands Chino Rheem The Worst F*****g Player In History

3 months ago
Phil Hellmuth Brands Chino Rheem The Worst F*****g Player In History
27 Mar

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In a rant that is most definitely NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK, Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth described David “Chino” Rheem as the “worst fucking player in history” after being dumped out of the US Poker Open...

Hellmuth is notorious for his f-bomb laden rants, of course, but it’s been a while since we witnessed one like this. For those who can’t have the sound up, here’s big Phil’s tantrum in full...

“This fucking idiot, I want to play with him the rest of my life. He just calls 350,000...with fucking garbage.”

That was the result of Rheem flopping a straight that left a disbelieving Phil with only a runner-runner chance of survival in the $15k buy-in US Poker Open event 8.

Hellmuth was far from done, though:

“How the fuck do I finish 4th...this guy, he’s the worst fucking player ever...he fucking flops the nuts...he doesn’t deserve it. He doesn’t fucking deserve it, it’s horrendous play...he doesn’t understand math. I want to throw” bleated Hellmuth as the board ran out, busting him in 4th spot for $100k. “Good game buddy,” he managed as he meekly fist-bumped Rheem.

His exit saw Phil muttering to himself:

“...I’m sick to my stomach...the worst fucking player has all the fucking chips...gets himself trapped for 350 fucking thousand...why? Why put a fucking penny in?”

Hellmuth apparently forgot his own promise after last year’s WSOP embarrassment, which incredibly saw him threaten to burn down the Rio and get away without so much as a minor penalty...

Hellmuth had this to say by way of apology:

“My Mother and Father were embarrassed/mad at me…My friends told me I was out of line. After 44 hrs of ridicule on social media, and realizing my rants set a bad example for poker players everywhere, I think I can reign it in A LOT. I might not be perfect, but I can be better…”

The 2019 WSOP was also the scene of a standard “Hellmuth meltdown”, with Layne “back-to-back” Flack the object of his ire, Phil calling him a “donkey motherfucker” ...

Back to the here-and-now, and Rheem took the abuse well, though given his own chequered past he has probably had way too much practice at being verbally abused.

It’s been a while since Rheem hit the headlines for the serial scamming that made him infamous in the poker world, not paying debts and lying to backers among them.

One of the most famous viral videos in the poker world saw him being pulled up about his scamming in no uncertain terms...

The big question now is which is more likely – another Hellmuth rant or another Rheem scam? Either player ever getting penalised for their behaviour is, of course, the rank outsider!

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