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Andrew from Edinburgh, Scotland, is a professional journalist, international-titled chess master, and avid poker player.

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Former Poker Pro Wade Woelfel Facing Possible Murder and Drug Charges

Wade Woelfel could be facing several years behind bars after being charged with third-degree murder following the fatal overdose of a man to whom he allegedly sold drugs

$217million Lottery Winner Gives it All Away to Save the Planet

A man who won €200million ($217million) on the EuroMillions lottery has finally decided what to do with his windfall

Gunman Sprays Infamous Texas Cardroom in Shocking Attack

Legends Poker Room came under fire this week, literally, as a gunman opened up with a 20-round burst that narrowly missed players

LA Woman Buys The Wrong Lotto Ticket & Wins $10 Million

An innocent bump from a passer-by meaning she pressed the wrong button on the lottery terminal!

Cop Turned Robber Indicted for $164k Triple Casino Robbery

A Las Vegas police officer has appeared in court this week charged with robbing three casinos of approximately $164,000 total and threatening to shoot a security guard

Phil Hellmuth Brands Chino Rheem The Worst F*****g Player In History

In a rant that is most definitely NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK, Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth described David “Chino” Rheem as the “worst fucking player in history”

Business & Industry, 10 months ago

GGPoker Confirm Serial Misogynist Dan Bilzerian is Still Site Partner

GGPoker have been called “cowards” and “embarrassing” after revealing that serial misogynist Dan Bilzerian is still a partner

New York Poker Player In Murder-Suicide

A part-time poker player from New York state has killed himself after murdering his estranged wife and attempting to kill his current girlfriend

Poker Room Raided by Police as Texas Faces Crackdown

The Top Shelf Poker Room had been raided and shut down by police, despite having a licence to operate...

All American Dave Food Service Not Permitted To Attend WSOP 2022

This year David ‘All American Dave’ Swanson has been told he can’t operate his healthy food services at the WSOP, and the players aren’t happy about it

Dan Bilzerian Fired by GGPoker on International Women’s Day

Poker’s playboy interloper and serial misogynist, Dan Bilzerian, has apparently been dumped by GGPoker on International Women’s Day

Garrett Adelstein Calls Hustler Casino Live Cheating “Completely F***ing Unacceptable!”

The popular cash game pro disgusted by the actions of Julio “Skillsrocks” Cedillo...

Police-style Manhunt Tracks Down Gambler who Missed Out on $230,000 Slots Jackpot

It took an investigation involving surveillance footage, witness interviews, and rideshare data analysis to finally track the gambler down and pay him his due

Gambling Nun Who Stole $800,000 in School Funds Shown Leniency by Judge

A nun who embezzled more than $800,000 from a Catholic girl school to fund her gambling habit has been sentenced to only 366 days’ jail time

Jared Bleznick Offers $1million Reward for LeBron James Basketball Card

Jared Bleznick is offering $1million in cash to the person who can provide him with the LeBron James triple logoman basketball card