Has Dan Bilzerian Found True Love?

2 years ago
27 Aug

Up until recently, there were only three things certain in this world - death, taxes and Dan Bilzerian's distaste for monogamous relationships. Turns out that we might have to scratch the last item off that short list.

Bilzerian's fans thirsty for new stories - and photo evidence - of his romantic conquests, were left somewhat disappointed when his recent Instagram posts and a lengthy interview for Squaremile.com confirmed that the social media star and self-proclaimed poker millionaire finally found 'the one'.

True Love or Brand Evolution?

Bilzerian is quick to point out that he hasn't exactly morphed from promiscuous, gun loving, millionaire, playboy, poker player into a chivalrous, sedated, romantic who's ready to move into a small suburban house with a white picket fence - far from it. Dan met his girlfriend, Sofia Bevarly at a pool party during which he had sex with three other women, which doesn't exactly sound like the best endorsement of monogamy.

However, the interview for Squaremile.com also reveals that there's indeed something special about Dan's new partner. As Bilzerian eloquently and concisely puts it:

"She's smart, she's cool, and she liked a lot of the s**t I like. So here we are."

Turns out that years of hedonism can take their toll on a man and promiscuity - while fun in the short run - isn't exactly a sustainable long-term plan.

"You just get pickier and pickier. I think that's true of everything. Money, toys, girls - all the hedonistic stuff. You just raise the bar".

Instagram star states that his relationship with 21-year-old Sofia marks the end of his licentiousness lifestyle - at least for now - allowing him to focus on other goals and find new "mountains to climb". Many fans already voiced their skepticism in the Instagram comment section, often in an unceremonious or downright hateful way like in the comment made by a user 8troye9:

"After all those girls, this is the one???? Sure buddy".

If you're a fan of Bilzerian's Instagram account there's no need to worry. There are still plenty of photos featuring scantily clad women that are regularly posted on his account, though in the future Dan might be putting a bit more emphasis on the other things he's known for like guns, working out, high-life and celebrity photos.

President Bilzerian

Speaking of "new mountains to climb" Dan Bilzerian might be aiming much higher than most of us would think.

"I always said, if Trump got elected and he didn't f*** up, I actually have a chance of becoming President."

Donald Trump was the first really famous person to take part in US presidential election and he managed to prove that it is indeed, first and foremost, a popularity contest. Many political experts speculate that the floodgates are now open and in 2020 we might see a bunch of popular non-politicians like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson or Mark Cuban, try to become the next "leader of the free world".

Is it possible that Dan might be a member of this new class of candidates? The prospect sounds a bit less believable than his newfound taste for monogamy but stranger things have happened. Bilzerian also revealed a bit about what he would do as the president of the United States.

"I think you should legalize prostitution and drugs. 'There's so much f***ing money being wasted, and so many people being thrown in f***ing cages."

Legalizing poker in the US presumably goes without saying.

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