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Malcolm comes from Consett in the North East of England and is an avid poker player and writer.

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Is Vegas Going Broke?

The residual benefits of being a resident or high roller there is reportedly diminishing with less comps offered by casinos as they tighten their belts in the midst of global economic troubles.

Online Poker , 3 years ago

New PokerStars Tournament - The Perfect Balance Between Hyper and Classic

Bubble Rush Tournaments are the perfect combination of a hyper tournament structure and classic tournament structure where you get the opportunity for your skills to shine through but only once the bubble has burst and you are in the money.

Online Poker , 3 years ago

Sorel Mizzi Banned from PokerStars Again

​Italian poker player Sorel Mizzi has revealed he has received a two year ban from PokerStars after yet another indiscretion where he has been found to have seriously broken the rules of the site.

Last Minute Changes Leave PokerStars Facing a 5 Year Ban With a Vote Coming Monday

​Pre-vote political jostling has led to a last minute amendment being made to the Internet Poker Bill which could see Pokerstars facing a mandatory five year ban and $20 million fine for being seen as a “bad actor”.

Tune in to Daniel Negreanu's New Poker Podcast

Daniel Negreanu has re-launched his poker website Full Contact Poker (FCP) to co-incide with the launch of his new poker podcast which will feature Daniel giving his forthright and honest opinions on the poker issues of the day

Live Poker Events, 3 years ago

Poker Player Physically Damaged by Money

Justyn Tyndaal was sitting at during a poker tournament and somehow the cash box fell onto his left foot and caused what he describes as serious injuries as a result including “disfigurement”.

Online Poker , 3 years ago

Bovada Is No More, But What Comes Next?

Bovada has been acquired by “Ignition” and players can transfer their balances to the new site and even claim bonuses for being organised enough to do it early.

Online Poker , 3 years ago

The Doug Polk Bankroll Challenge

Polk is playing exclusively in Nevada on and live streaming his sessions via his popular Twitch channel, Upswing Poker. His self-imposed task is to turn an initial $100 into a much larger $10,000.

Live Poker Events, 3 years ago

Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliott Honored With £1 Million ‘Devilfish Cup’

The WPT Foundation, the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club, and Party Poker have collaborated to announce the Inaugural and annual “Devilfish Cup”, which will be held at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham, England, during the WPT’s UK Festival

David Baazov Gone for Good

After stepping back in March of this year, David Baazov, one time CEO of Amaya Inc, has decided to fully resign from all positions held with Amaya

David Viffer Peat Plays Circles Around Phil Ivey

In the following hand, Ivey faces David “Viffer” Peat, a well-known and charismatic poker player who used to be a pool hustler earlier in his gambling career.

Bankroll Buster: Fernando Pons Turns €30 Into $1,000,000

Pons story reminds the rest of us that if we can get good enough, there is at least the possibility of turning our poker playing into something spectacular.

Phil Hellmuth In Shooting for Season 2 of Billions

Thanks to Phil Hellmuth’s announcement on social media, we can now look forward to Hellmuth and fellow poker pro Brandon Cantu making an appearance at some point.

Doug Polk Calls the Durrrr Challenge the "Largest Scam in Poker History"

Polk took to his ‘Polkernews’ program to give his thoughts on Durrrr and his thoughts on the durrrr challenge in general. He didn’t hold back.

Online Poker , 3 years ago

Best Low Buy-In Tournaments For Players With a Tight Bankroll

Here are a three offers from Pokertube that you can access to maximise the bang of your bankrolls buck, just before you run it up huge.