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Malcolm comes from Consett in the North East of England and is an avid poker player and writer.

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Poker Streamers Form House of Poker

Jeff Gross revealed that his potential housemates in the new poker house would be Jaime Staples, Matt Staples and Parker “TonkaaaaP” Talbot.

Poker Pros Going Wild Over Pokemon Go

The phenomenon of Pokemon has not escaped the poker world Well-known Poker presenter Tatjana Pasalic, who tweets at her account @Tattytats, took to Twitter to request a tip off from any high stakes player

What Happens When You Decide to Make Poker Your Career

For this and many other reasons, you can see why it is the dream of many poker players to win enough money to class themselves as a professional poker player.

Things You Wish You Knew When You Started Playing Poker

In today’s article I am going to take a walk down ‘hindsight lane’ and think about what I wish I had known when I started playing poker over 15 years ago.

Live Poker Events, 3 years ago

Jason Mercier's Amazing Series

Almost every action he took and every tournament he entered was newsworthy in some way. From bracelet wins, to crazy and controversial prop bets, to marriage proposals and Twitter wars.

Tips for Keeping Cool in a Tight Spot

If you crack under pressure then your chances of becoming a great poker player is vastly reduced and probably impossible.

Online Poker , 3 years ago

Top 3 Signs That You've Found a Soft Table

In this article we will consider the top three indicators of a soft table so you can get to work converting your edge when you encounter these favorable circumstances.

Chinese Megacompany Investing Hundreds of Millions in eSports Deal

Large companies are always fighting for new customers and what better than to familiarize their brand to the next generation of customers, the young adults than to sponsor in a big way the activities they enjoy participating in the most.

Promos, 3 years ago

Someone Found Dwan!

The good news is that Tom “Durrrr” Dwan is alive and well. On July 29th he took a selfie with Twitter user Luke @slaymerica.

Online Poker , 3 years ago

WPN Declares War Against Online Poker Bots

A botter by the name of themadbotter recently bragged about stealing $30,000 as a bought on the WPN. Now the company is striking back!

Promos, 3 years ago

Could We Really Get a Rounders Sequel?

The main star of the cult 1998 poker movie Rounders, Matt Damon, offers a tantalizing glimpse into a potential Rounders sequel nearly 20 years on from the original movies release.

Best Phrases/One-Liners Heard Round the Poker Table

Sometimes we hear a one-liner or a joke and wish that we invented it ourselves. Often we steal the joke anyway. Here are our favorite poker quips and one-liners.

Live Poker Events, 3 years ago

The Big Tournament You Probably Missed During the WSOP Frenzy

Habernig’s reward for winning the tournament was a cool €109,000 first prize and the title of 2016 Intertops Velden European Champion.

Amaya Trimming 'Dozens' of Staff

​Amaya Gaming has announced that it is trimming its staff numbers by “dozens” and moving some staff out of London to more tax-friendly surroundings like the Isle of Man. But the announcement has led to speculation in the poker world that Amaya could be suffering problems.

DraftKings Enters the UK

The question of today’s article is does the UK present DraftKings with a golden opportunity to grow their business exponentially?