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Mark from Stamford in the UK is a professional cash game player, and part time journalist. A massive chess fan and perpetual traveller.

He also produces strategy content for our sister wesbite

Articles by Mark Patrickson

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Are Heads-Up Grudge Matches the Future of Online Poker?

The online poker landscape changed a lot last year

The Top 5 Most Hated Poker Personalities

Love and hate are among the strongest emotions and the poker world evokes its fair share of them both

Rapper ‘Young Thug’ Loses $800,000 Gambling in Las Vegas Casinos

A rap star has told how he lost almost a million dollars during a recent trip to Las Vegas

Stefanie Ungar on Her Genius Card Player Father Stu

Stuey Ungar is the most talked about poker player in history

Formula One Drivers Who Share Our Passion for Poker

There are few sports or games that can rival Formula One for pure excitement and adrenaline

Ryan Fee Flaunts Daniel Negreanu Number Plate After Winning Big From Grudge Match

Fee has tweeted his appreciation to Negreanu for losing in the High stakes Feud, winning him enough side action to go out and buy a supercar

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A Glimpse into the Life of a Professional Poker Player

Here are some points to consider if you harbour ambition to one day be a professional poker player

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Online Super Series Cub3d XI Is About to Kick Off on ACR

The Online Super Series Cub3d is back for edition XI on ACR

‘PORKONOMAR’ Wins the $8 Million Guaranteed Venom Main Event on ACR

After an intense two weeks of hard-fought poker the Venom Series is over and a new champion has been crowned

Promos, 2 months ago

The Martingale Betting Strategy for Casino Gaming

Most regular punters are familiar with the Martingale strategy, even if not by its exact name

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Why Online Casinos Are Better than Brick-and-Mortar Casinos

Here are a few ways in which your experience as a gambler is much better when you’re playing on the internet

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How to Start to Play Holdem Online

Online poker can be a daunting prospect for a new player

Promos, 2 months ago

Grind and Growl for GC 500,000,000 & SC 1,100,000 GTD in the Grizzly Games IV on Global Poker

The Grizzly Games IV is scheduled to kick off on Monday 1st February

Promos, 2 months ago

The History of Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas hold’em is by far the most popular variant of poker in the world today

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Top 10 Online Poker Tips/Tricks You Must Know

We promise that if you follow all of the advice below you will be ready to begin winning money right away