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Mateusz has been writing about poker for the better part of the last decade. He's deeply interested in many poker related subjects like psychology, game theory, fitness, nutritional science etc.

Articles by Mateusz Kleczynski

5 Twitch Streams You Must Watch

There are plenty of broadcasts you can tune into, but some of them are clearly ahead of the curve.

Reynad Yanuk: From Poker Player to Hearthstone Star

The story of Andrey "Reynad" Yanuk might serve as a sign of the emerging paradigm shift. In the last few years, esports managed to pass poker by.

Doug Polk Gets Called By King High: The Problem With Streaming

Streaming poker has some major issues that were recently highlighted by an insane hero call that Doug Polk fell victim to during a $2100 SCOOP event.

EV: The Poker Theory That Could Change Your Life

Interviews with Liv Boeree, Fatima Moreira de Melo and Maria Konnikova illustrate the potentially life-changing effects playing poker can have on one's life

Top 3 Durrrr Bluffs

When we hear the name of Tom "Durrrr" Dwan the first thing that comes to mind is not controversy, but his brilliant aggressive playstyle resulting in many iconic bluffs.

5 Reasons Why We Love The Lex Veldhuis Twitch Stream

Here are some of the reasons why we absolutely love Lex's Twitch stream, and why you might want to consider tuning into his broadcasts if you're not a regular viewer already.

Poker Players Who Followed Bill Perkins 5 Must-Dos

Let's take a look at some of the more interesting examples of people who followed Bill Perkins 5 must-dos.

Alec Torelli: 10 years $10 million Goal

In one of his recent YouTube videos, popular poker personality Alec Torelli reflects on his twenties and shares with us the plans for the next decade on his life.

Sick hands, Weeds & Laak On Poker Night In America

Episode 40 certainly didn't disappoint offering the viewers some big pots, the always entertaining antics of Phil Laak and stellar commentary by Chris Hanson and Joe Stapleton.

Damien Cooper: Baller On a Budget

Damien Cooper promises us a series of vlogs with an interesting premise, showing his journey from local small stakes cash game pro to the WSOP Main Event and beyond.

Bill Perkins Bets Staples $150k On Weight Loss Prop Bet

Bill Perkins is known for his love of crazy prop bets and the recent one he made with brothers Jaime and Matt Staples might be one of his best wagers yet.

Top 3 StickyRice1 Moments

A former streamer who was partially responsible for the live stream poker revolution the fruits of which we're able to enjoy to this day.

One To Watch: New Poker Vlogger Brad Owen

There is still plenty of space in poker vlogging scene for new, exciting perspectives and this is precisely what a new poker vlogger by the name of Brad Owen brings to the table.

Alec Torelli: Poker Game Theory vs. Exploitative Play

Torelli explains in simple terms the difference between game theory optimal and exploitative play using the example of rock-paper-scissors

Daniel Negreanu Still Relevant?

Unfortunately, since the end of 2015, Daniel Negreanu seems to be more in touch with the needs of his corporate overlords than the demands of the people.