Amazing Science Adventures - Liv Boeree's New Facebook Show

3 years ago
Amazing Science Adventures - Liv Boeree's New Facebook Show
17 Nov

It could be argued that poker was fairly late to the social media game. Sure, players had their Twitter accounts and we all enjoyed the occasional drama that was rippling through them, but just a few years back, big money finishes and epic hands seemed like all everyone wanted to talk about poker-wise. Nowadays we have Twitch streaming, poker YouTubers, and the aforementioned drama is no longer occasional - it's par for the course. Poker is in the process of redefining itself and fans are looking for more varied forms of engagement. It's a brave new world out there and players are taking notice. One of the poker personalities that seems to be thriving in this new environment is Liv Boeree.

Liv was always a bit of a renaissance woman and her poker skill is far from being the only interesting thing about her. Besides her impressive tournament results (including WSOP and EPT titles) Boeree is also an astrophysicist, killer guitar player, TV host, model, philanthropist - you name it! With the launch of her new Facebook show called "Amazing Science Adventures" Liv aims to add "successful content creator" to her lengthy list of accomplishments, and if the first episode is anything to go by, she can already start editing her social media bios. 

Yeah, Science!

Liv Boeree's Amazing Science Adventures is a brilliantly edited, tight little science show, with a small poker twist. While the first episode is only available on Facebook, Liv's writing combined with her TV host experience - and the aforementioned editing courtesy of Cool Edit Production - makes it so you could slap a Discovery or National Geographic logo somewhere in the top right of the 5-minute clip and nobody would bat an eye. On top of all that Liv's delivery is entertaining and enthusiastic, so if you're even remotely interested in anything other than card games, do yourself a favor and learn a bit about the wonders of the Panama Canal from one of the most successful female poker players on the planet. 

The image of poker as an activity that can be boiled down to a bunch of folks sitting on their respective bums for a few hours, making chips travel in a clockwise manner until there's only one of them left with all the ceramic pieces and a big check, simply won't do anymore. Amazing Science Adventures does a lot to combat that stereotype by emphasizing often overlooked, yet very exciting element of a live poker pro lifestyle, which is the opportunity to travel and learn about the world.

Given enough support, Liv Boeree's show can potentially reach audiences that no other poker related piece of media could attract. Even if you're one of those people who live and breathe GTO, and you couldn't care less about architecture, engineering or geography, consider making a tiny investment in the long-term health of poker ecosystem by visiting Amazing Science Adventures Facebook page and learn something while you’re at it!

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