1 Year 1 Million: New Poker VLOGumentary!

9 months ago
1 Year 1 Million: New Poker VLOGumentary!
07 Mar

It may sound like something you’ve heard before, but the trio of Unibet ambassadors who are embarking on a ‘1 Year 1 Million’ adventure have added a unique twist to their 2018 goal – adding cryptocurrency trading to their poker expertise in a bid to reach the magic €1,000,000 profit, and vlogging their efforts along the way in a new series set to air this Friday 9th March!

The trailer for what will become a twice-weekly show reveals the ambitious plans which the Unibet trio have in mind – taking their poker winnings and investing it in cryptocurrency, Espen Uhlen Jorstad, Rauno Tahvonen and Rauno Kiviloo setting up home in the Estonian capital of Tallinn for the unusual and interesting challenge.

There have been a few attempts at this ‘magic million’-style online poker grind before – most memorably the ‘2months 2million’ effort which saw four Vegas-based online pros, including the recently-retired Dani ‘Ansky’ Stern, fail in their bid to, well, make $2million in just 2 months!

The twist  in the Unibet musketeers plans, of course, will be not only winning at the tables, but somehow running up whatever they make by trading in the digital currency markets, something the likes of Doug Polk has been at the forefront of among poker pros.

The trio are promising to share all aspects of their lifestyles during the challenge, offering insights into the highs and lows of a poker pros life as well as a look at how the online poker world looks in 2018 for the grinders who have stayed the course, the 2M2MM challenge, for example, taking place almost a decade ago.

Norwegian Espen Jorstad and his Estonian colleagues, Rauno Tahvonen and Rauno Kiviloo, already have impressive poker CV’s, and can be expected to make a decent living at the poker tables, especially if the cards continue to fall like this…

…so a lot of the questions will revolve around how they plan to ensure that crypto-trading doesn’t throw it all away!

With new YouTube episodes coming out every Wednesday and Friday, you can find out for yourselves here.

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