The YouTube Rich List Top 5

4 years ago
The YouTube Rich List Top 5
03 May

Publicly it’s not a war, nor even a battle, and no particularly cross words have been spoken either, but you know there just has to be an undercurrent of competition between the scores of vloggers and streamers who vie for our attention these days.

Tales of hands lost and won, grinder-lifestyles which may or may not make us jealous and insights into the lives and minds of the great – and not so great - among the poker community are omnipresent and excellent for the game and fans, but which of them are making a real living from it?

I’ll be examining Twitch later this week, but first let’s take a look at YouTube and the poker ‘rich list’… we’ve already seen the heads-up YouTube battle between Polk and Ingram, but would they make the cut for the 6-max YouTube earnings final table?

Seat 1
Daniel Negreanu

Everything Negreanu touches turns to gold, for himself at least, and his YouTube channel is no different, dnegs bouncing back onto the scene recently and upstaging a miffed Polk by being nominated for a vlogging award while Polk sat at home.

  • Big pro: Twitter following and hugely famous
  • Big con: PokerStars might eventually dump him!

Videos                    109

Subscribers            71,584

Total views           4,190,375

Average views       38,444

Date started           December 2011

Income per year $31,000

Cost per year         $6,000

Profit per year    $25,000

Twitter                    430,000

Seat 2

One of the most talented online grinders, Jaime Staples has the most dedicated following of all and puts in a huge amount of hours to keep them, and himself, entertained. If there’s a downside, it might be trying to extend his popularity, the upside being he probably gets more in donations from his following than the rest of the table combined!

  • Big pro: Thoroughly likeable with a hugely supportive following
  • Big con: Finding the right balance between life and poker to avoid burn-out

Videos                    543

Subscribers            39,522 (+ 6,992 Jaime Staples)

Total views           8,935,798 (+ 594,963 Jaime Staples)

Average views     17,552

Date started           March 2015

Income per year $35,000

Cost per year         $12,000

Profit per year    $23,000

Twitter                         21,500

Seat 3

One of the best-known faces in modern-day poker, Doug Polk mixes amazing poker analysis with topical and often controversial debate in his vlogs. The sheer number of views is testament to his popularity and there are no signs of that slowing anytime soon.

  • Big pro: One of the best players in the world
  • Big con: Sensationalism might get him into trouble at some point!

Videos                    225

Subscribers            85,197 (+ 18,944 Upswing Poker)

Total views           14,995,724 + (2,962,094 Upswing Poker)

Average views       66,646

Date started           June 2016

Income per year $50,000

Cost per year $30,000

Profit per year    $20,000

Twitter                          35,300

Seat 4
The Trooper 97

I was a little surprised at just how popular Trooper had become, as his loud and larger than life persona might not be to everyone’s taste. But, this is what makes him stand out from the crowd and he’s certainly not slow in bringing out the vlogs!

  • Big pro: Unique approach to the vlogging world
  • Big con: Hard to keep up the level of work and intensity

Videos                    659

Subscribers          27,506

Total views             8,645,199

Average views     13,119

Date started           July 2014

Income per year $22,000

Cost per year         $7,000

Profit per year    $15,000

Twitter                         4,394

Seat 5
Andrew Neeme

One of my own personal favorites, Neeme has quickly become the go-to vlog for those who want to improve their mid-stakes cash-game play, and the thoughtful Neeme serves up the best music of all the vloggers as a bonus!

  • Big pro: Appeals to almost everybody
  • Big con: Getting married soon!

Videos                    60

Subscribers          53,591

Total views             5,134,933

Average views     85,582

Date started           October 2016

Income per year $14,000

Cost per year         $4,000

Profit per year    $10,000

Twitter                         5,140

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