5 Reasons Why We Love The Lex Veldhuis Twitch Stream

3 years ago
5 Reasons Why We Love The Lex Veldhuis Twitch Stream
01 May

Lex Veldhuis was arguably one of the most entertaining poker players in the world even before the Twitch streaming revolution, so it's no wonder that once he decided to broadcast his poker sessions, he immediately gained a substantial following.

While Lex was forced to make some adjustments to his poker routine in order to appeal to Twitch viewers (and find his way in the post-Supernova Elite world of PokerStars games), he's one of the most authentic streamers out there. Here are some of the reasons why we absolutely love Lex's Twitch stream, and why you might want to consider tuning into his broadcasts if you're not a regular viewer already.

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Euro Friendly Schedule

Many popular poker streamers like Jason Somerville, Tonkaaaa, Jamie Staples etc. either stream their session from the other side of the ditch - a.k.a. North American continent - or they follow the classic nocturnal lifestyle of the MTT grinder which makes their streams more US and Euro-friendly.

Even though Lex also plays tournaments he lives in Vlissingen, Holland and he starts his sessions around noon CET, which is perfect if you're on the nocturnal tournament player schedule yourself, or you're in the mood for some poker-themed procrastination during slow afternoon hours at work.

Blowup Friday's

Blowup Friday's are like love at first sight or extracting maximum value from the royal flush - you wouldn't believe it if you haven't experienced it for yourself. Even though the world of poker social media isn't exactly full of zen-masters, Lex doubles down on his degen status by offering viewers something that virtually no other streamer would dare to offer on regular basis - one day a week full of crazy loose aggressive style complemented by few hours of steady alcohol consumption.

Turns out that MTT's and drinking - while potentially -EV - is a very fun combination and if you're tired of boring mindset and strategy talk Blowup Friday's are exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Lex is a Great Player

Ever since the poker world saw Lex's crazy bluff streak during the WSOP Main Event of 2009, fans fell in love with his relentlessly aggressive style of play. It almost goes without saying, but he only improved since then and making a switch from PLO cash games to multi-table tournaments hasn't slowed him down one bit.

He still plays a fair bit of PLO games on stream so whether you're looking for strategic advice for the two or four card poker variants RaSZi has you covered. 

Them Final Tables

As we already mentioned, Lex quickly found his footing after switching from PLO cash games to MTT's and he's now a very competent tournament player. RaSZi became a real final table making machine, and after finishing in the top six of the $22 Turbo PLO Tournament in August of 2016 the event was renamed to Lex Veldhuis Open with PokerStars offering to rename the tournament again whenever someone matches his accomplishment.

Lex isn't a "one trick 22$ Turbo PLO pony" either, every time you're playing $44 bounty builder it's almost like one of the final table slots is reserved for RaSZi and given his crazy, aggressive and entertaining style you don't even have to check the lobby to see who has the highest bounty on his head.


Story Time

If the crazy play style, even crazier Blowup Fridays, sick gaming skills, Beaker avatar, Ahnuld soundboard, insane clips, loads of fun and strategic insight aren't enough to convince you to tune into Lex's stream, he's also a hell of a storyteller.

If you're a regular on his stream you sometimes get the chance to enjoy absolutely crazy tales that you couldn't really get anywhere else (often because they are so politically incorrect or unbelievable or both that it would be inappropriate to repeat them) about Lex's degen antics, David 'Viffer' Peat or... spit (#spitgate).

This only adds to what's already one of the most entertaining poker streams out there and if you're not tuning in, you're definitely missing out.

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striker7striker7on 2/5/17

I did't watch his stream before, but after reading the article and watching a couple of videos, I wanted to subscribe to Lex!