ACR CYCLONES Sweeping The Online Poker World

8 months ago
ACR CYCLONES Sweeping The Online Poker World
13 Mar

With the live poker world in virtual lockdown due to the coronavirus storm sweeping the globe, online cardrooms are the safest place to be, and Americas CardRoom’s CYCLONES is the latest game of choice.

ACR’s CYCLONES are Blitz Poker Satellites – the quickest and easiest way to bag your seat in the big-money MTT’s – including the $2650 buy-in VENOM, with $millions on the line.

Satellites have been around forever, of course, but CYCLONES are special – a combination of a traditional qualifier with several unique, innovative and fun factors.

  • First up, they’re fast! The Blitz poker approach means when you fold you are instantly transported to a new table and a new hand – no more waiting around for some decent cards to play.
  • Secondly, and this is the real innovation, once you hit 5000 chips, you’re in! A ticket to the next level is yours, none of this ‘top 20 get a seat’ that can take forever.
  •  Next up, you can play whenever you want, as much as you want, and if you have to leave, your stack is still there when you return! Next day? No problem!
  • Also, you can win multiple seats at once. If your stack goes over 5000 chips, you not only have a seat, you can continue playing with whatever stack you have left. 10k chips = 2 seats, and so on.
  • A final little nicety of the CYCLONES is that you can pay the difference between your stack and the next level buy-in. Struggling to get over the 5000 chip line? Just click the FOR THE WIN button and you’ll see how much it costs.

There are seven levels of CYCLONES buy-ins, ranging from $0.25 all the way up to $630.

That doesn’t mean you have to go from Step1 to Step 7 for your $2650 VENOM ticket though – you can buy in at any level you like, whatever suits your bankroll or mood.

The tl;dr is all in the tweeted video above, or you can check out ACR’s detailed look at CYCLONES here.

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