ACR Endboss Phil Nagy Challenges Doug Polk to Heads-Up Poker Match

1 month ago
ACR Endboss Phil Nagy Challenges Doug Polk to Heads-Up Poker Match
19 Sep

Doug Polk may have more to worry about than his ‘Grudge match for Rollz’ against Daniel Negreanu – with ACR boss Phil Nagy this week challenging him to an ‘old guy poker’ heads-up match!

Polk has been taking on all-comers at a range of stakes since his challenge was accepted by longtime arch-rival Negreanu, but so far it has been far from the salad days when he crushed souls for $millions.

Polk has been surprised at the growth of the highstakes games since his own heyday, stating in another tweet:

‘Im pretty amazed at the amount of high stakes happening in online poker these days.'

The former undisputed number one online highstakes HUNL player on the planet added:

‘I look around at the ecosystem and there is more high stakes HUNL happening today than in 2014. Pretty wild.’

Last week saw Polk admit:

‘Not going to sugarcoat this, I have beaten almost none of the opponents I have played since I got back into playing HU.
It has basically been a 30-35 buyin beatdown by people playing all kinds of styles including the following:
- Opening under 50% of small blinds
- Limping the button
- Minraising the Button
- Misclicking every 30 hands
 - 4 Betting me 20%
- Streaming their session on Twitch
- Randomly Leading all over the place
- 1 Tabling on a laptop
- Cant figure out how to sit the table’

While a match between Polk and Negreanu is obviously a huge draw, there would be less public interest in Nagy-Polk, but there is an alternative match-up being mooted for the ACR endboss.

We covered the story about Jonathan Little getting himself banned from ACR last week and of course a Nagy-Little grudge match just isn’t going to happen.

For Polk, a quick toppling of Nagy however might be just the tonic he needs before meeting fellow ‘old-timer’ Negreanu!

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