Astounding Twitch Poker Stream Moments

4 years ago
Astounding Twitch Poker Moments
16 Sep

Twitch streaming has changed poker from a mostly solo activity into a full-fledged form of entertainment. Today, names like Jamie Staples or Jason Somerville are known to tens of thousands of the fans tune in daily to poker streams. It’s a trend that has expanded the game, which now reaches the entire broader gaming community as a whole.

And it’s easy to see why. Whatever you are looking for from poker, Twitch streaming has you covered. In just a short while, the platform has managed to capture some astounding moments of poker triumph and tragedy.

Here are just a few of our favorite, most astounding moments in the short history of Twitch poker streams:

Daniel Negreanu takes a piss live on stream

As a consummate businessman and the most recognizable name in poker, there was little doubt that Daniel Negreanu would get on Twitch. As a player that has continually reinvented himself to meet the challenges of every poker generation, the anticipation surrounding his stream was huge.

Would he be able to transition from the “old” guard of players into the new and remain relevant? How would he keep people talking about him in an increasingly crowded space? These were all legitimate questions as Daniel took to the platform. Many thought he would succeed – some were sure he would not.

I think it’s safe to say that what happened next was something that NO ONE expected.

Everyone online player has had that moment when they had to take a piss, but just didn’t want to get up from the tables. Daniel showed everyone what most of us do in that situation (admit it, you’ve done this too) and simply carried his laptop into the bathroom. From there, he took a piss, live on stream – and didn’t miss a single hand of his tournament – cementing his status as a legend of the game for a whole new generation of players:

A 250K Euro Spin & Go Win Live On Stream

One of the things that has made Twitch streaming so popular is the ability to sweat other people as they take down massive scores. That appeal was on full display when a Russian streamer with the PokerStars table name “SolidPenis” watched the big wheel of his 25 euro Sit & Go settle on a 250,000 euro prize.

The stream went bezerk, and after taking some time to compose himself, “SolidPenis” went to work playing the biggest poker tournament of his life. It was astounding just how calm he was able to remain as he continued to talk throughout the match. Also to his credit, he played aggressively, not letting the moment or the attention get him off his game:

The best part of this video is the unbridled joy he shows after taking down the big prize. For those of us who have become numb to the grind – or hope to have our own big score someday – it was great to see someone get such a high out of poker.

StickyRice1’s Crazy Rollercoaster

Twitch has seen a lot of crazy moments, but no one has been able to provide sustained poker entertainment in quite the same was as StickRice1. By all accounts an amateur player, he skyrocketed to legendary status by gambling huge sums of money with the hasty abandon of a true degenerate player.

But that wasn’t all. His tricked out playing space (which looked more like a nightclub than anything else) combined with his huge outbursts of emotion were absolute entertainment that you simply could not turn away from:

Although he has recently been banned from Twitch, StickyRice1 is still remembered and certainly not forgotten. Poker enthusiasts around the world are eagerly hoping that someone will pick up the mantle that he has left behind. Few players have fascinated the poker and gaming communities with such an amazing combination of high stakes gambling with a party hard atmosphere.

Jamie Staples Twitch Streams A $1,000,000 Sit & Go

While it’s true that PokerStars’ Jamie Staples is a Twitch legend in his own right, he actually became the vessel for another one of the most astounding moments in Twitch poker history. He was live when three lucky players actually hit the jackpot during the “Million Dollar Sit & Go” promotion.

Staples instantly began to sweat the tournament. So, even though no one was natively streaming their own play, viewers were still able to watch the astounding sum of money be awarded:

What will the future bring?

It’s hard to believe just how much Twitch has been able to ingrain itself into poker’s culture in such a short time. The hilarious antics and huge sweats have become inseparable from being a fan of the game. Even though we’ve seen a bunch of crazy fun happen already, there’s no doubt that we’ve only touched the surface of what is possible.

There’s no doubt that you’ll want to stay tuned in the future to see what astounding moments will happen next.

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