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Bradley Chalupski made his first deposit onto an online poker site in 2009 and has been paying rake and following the poker scene ever since. He graduated from the Seton Hall School of Law with a J.D. in 2010.

Articles by Bradley Chalupski

Astounding Twitch Poker Stream Moments

Whatever you are looking for from poker, Twitch streaming has you covered. In just a short while, the platform has managed to capture some astounding moments of poker triumph and tragedy.

Online Poker , 4 years ago

WCOOP $100k Awards Seven Figure First Prize

​It’s not every week that there is an online poker tournament that costs six figures to enter and pays seven figures to the winner - but this was one of those weeks.

Chris MoneyMaker #RaiseIt MMA Fight

Just when you thought that Chris Moneymaker had seen and done it all, something gloriously, hilariously new comes out of the blue. And suddenly you realize that poker has a way of making the improbable turn into reality.

Is There a Bias in the Poker Hall of Fame?

Controversy gives some validation and meaning to the honor, but too much controversy can threaten the integrity of the honor to the point that it becomes meaningless.

PokerStars to Host Ideas Forum With Players at EPT Barcelona, but Will They Listen?

​There was one a time when the world’s largest poker site was truly a partnership between management and its players. This grand tradition has been abandoned since ‘Stars’ purchase by Amaya.

Online Poker , 4 years ago

How Can Poker Bring Back the Recs?

Everyone agrees it’s time to bring back the recreational player. The only questions that remains, is how to do it.

Calling All Hands in the Fight for Legal US Poker

There are a lot of things going on right now that could break the right way for online poker - if the community is willing to get out there and be vocal in support.

Could Social Media Trigger Another Poker Boom?

If the poker community’s use of social media could be changed from a disjoined playground of individualized interests into a coordinated effort to drive interest, it could easy become the trigger for a new poker boom.

Should Professional Poker Have a Dress Code?

While an informal uniform may have been adopted for over a decade, the idea that poker players would have some kind of formalized “dress code” is a topic that remains controversial.

Online Poker , 4 years ago

How Decision Fatigue is Killing Online Poker

It’s being argued that tanking for five minutes just for the sake of doing it - something that poker pro Jordan Cristos proudly admits that he does - is just the terminal point of poker theory.

Online Poker , 4 years ago

Poker App Failure Could Mean Tough Times Ahead

This first attempt at capitalizing on the increasing use of mobile for gaming was a huge experiment towards trying to tap into the recreational player base that poker networks so covet. Unfortunately, the results are in and they aren’t pretty,

Worst Ways to Get Tilted

Getting frustrated at the poker table - “going on tilt” - is so common that anyone who has ever spent even a little bit of time at the poker table knows exactly what it feels like.

How Did Hold'em Become THE Game to Play?

It wasn’t that long ago that the poker game of choice in rooms across the nation was mostly 7-card Stud High. And even if Hold’em was known to players, it was treated more as an object of reverence than as a game to be played on a daily basis.

What's Really Stopping US Online Poker?

What happened? What’s really stopping online poker in the United States? And more importantly, is there any chance that something will change in the future and launch that next poker boom that we are all hoping for?

What's the Nastiest Move in Poker?

Spoiler alert: while it may suck to have these things happen to you, it can be equally as hilarious to watch them happen to someone else.