Banned Poker Pro Suing The World Series of Poker

11 months ago
Banned Poker Pro Suing The World Series of Poker
27 Aug

Joe Stiers, the US poker pro and blackjack counter who was thrown out of last year’s World Series of Poker Main Event on day 3 while sitting on a huge stack, has launched a federal lawsuit against WSOP owners Caesars Interactive Entertainment

PokerTube reported on Stier’s dramatic exit last year, the Maryland man no stranger to controversy when it comes to casino’s, having been 86-ed from all Caesars properties several years previously…

…and sneakily cashing the 2016 Main Event, playing under a variation on his full name. Now, however, according to Brian Pempus from, Stiers has launched legal action, claiming he had been “freerolled”.

“Caesars/WSOP had always accepted my money and retained my money when I was losing poker tournaments, which totaled to over $200,000, but only enforced this trespass eviction during a tournament when I was in a position to win up to $8 million and had around $150,000 in current chip equity”.

Stiers, apparently representing himself in the legal battle, claimed he was “ambushed” by casino security and Las Vegas police.

“I was grabbed, handcuffed, and quickly moved to a private room,” he stated in court documents.

His previous blackjack counting and casino troubles have been well-documented on these pages, Stiers yelling at security back in 2015 at the Horseshoe Casino and threatening to go to the media and launch a lawsuit.

Finally following through on his legal-route threats, Stiers said of his present troubles:

“I can barely explain the tremendous amount of pain defendants caused me when I realized years of my hard work and dedication were for nothing”.

Caesars and the WSOP deny Stiers allegations and have asked for the case to be dismissed with prejudice.

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