Basketball Commentator Takes Food Delivery Job After Big Gambling Loss

1 year ago
Basketball Commentator Takes Food Delivery Job After Big Gambling Loss
09 Jun

Controversial ESPN broadcaster Dan Dakich has taken on a delivery driver job to pay back money he lost gambling on NCAA basketball, confessing he had “lost sight of the value of a dollar”.

Dakich lost an undisclosed amount back in March when he bet on the National Collegiate Athletic Association men’s tournament, the former Indiana University Hoosiers player and head coach taking a job with DoorDash to recoup his losses.

The 58-year-old told

“I come from iron and steel workers, teachers, and I lost sight of the value of a dollar. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and I told my wife I had to make it up. Seriously, I went to the hardware store about a mile from my house and applied for a job, because I wanted to make the money back. I owe my family and I lost the value of a dollar.”

His self-punishment eventually saw him take the food delivery role after seeing his stepson earning $25 an hour with GrubHub, even though his wife thought he was an “idiot”.

“My wife called me an idiot and said I didn’t have to do it but I wanted to because I’ve preached the value of a dollar to so many people.”

A couple of months on and Dakich is still running the deliveries, having been suspended from his role with ESPN for making controversial statements.

That relates to a Twitter dispute revolving around college athlete compensation, with Professor Dr. Johanna Mellis claiming:

"Through his use of the b-word and the way he sexualized my clear reference to racing in the pool, he debased and violated me according to my identity over the public airwaves for all to hear."

Dakich has previous, being suspended in 2019 from his other role hosting “The Dan Dakich Show” on Emmis Communications-owned station WFNI The Fan, for “a failure last year on Dan's part to adhere to the journalistic principles valued by Emmis."

The reason behind that 2019 suspension has never been disclosed, and neither Emmis nor ESPN have commented yet on Dakich’s most recent problems.

Dakich himself stated recently:

“I don’t know if ESPN is going to have me back. I assume they won’t. Who cares? Who cares man?”

A gambling man might not want to bet against ESPN cutting ties with him after that statement, so Dakich might be with DoorDash for a while longer!

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