Bill Perkins Stream Delayed as Stars Conduct Security Check

11 months ago
Bill Perkins Stream Delayed as Stars Conduct Security Check
01 Jun

It was a seething Bill Perkins who took to Twitter to vent his frustration at PokerStars for temporarily leaving him unable to play and stream from his luxury cruiser… his Gastrader account temporarily restricted pending a routine security investigation according to the PokerStars message he received…

…the true reason for the hedgefund billionaire and poker fanatic’s temp ban from the site as yet unknown – billionaires’ accounts rarely pulled up for nothing or routine checks of course - but causing him to go on, as he put it…

It’s not the first time Perkins has had his account scrutinized, last year seeing him kicked out by America’s CardRoom mid-stream – poker stream that is, not gulfstream – for allowing Dan Bilzerian to openly play on his account.

As explained at the time, “Bilzerian's slightly put out response was simply, 'They f**kin' kicked us off!'" as he stepped away from the laptop, whilst Perkins can be heard off camera replying, "We got booted, finally?" before coming over the check out the situation.

This time around there was no obvious cause for Perkins’ PokerStars problems, all the more pissed off because of some new kit he wanted to try out…

...but thankfully he was online again within the hour…

Perhaps Gordon Vayo’s recently-launched lawsuit against Pokerstars has some of the bigger names a bit worried in case the site makes a cash-grab of their funds – Vayo’s $700,000 winnings from the 2017 SCOOP being withheld on what seems to be very shaky grounds.

A random security check or something a bit more sinister for Perkins? We’ll give him and the site the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

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