Bilzerian & Perkins Banned Live on Twitch for Sharing Accounts

5 years ago
Bilzerian & Perkins Banned Live on Twitch
28 Feb

Last month, we brought you the story about Dan Bilzerian playing online poker on the Twitch stream and Americas Cardroomaccount of Bill Perkins.

The King of Instagram claims to have won like $50 million playing high stakes poker over the years, but was less than impressive while all eyes were on him as he played $10/$20 heads up at ACR. Doug Polk analyzed Bilzerian's play and concluded that the playboy doesn't play poker very well and is probably a fake with regard to his outlandish claims of winning millions.

Another Go-Round

The trust fund millionaire recently attempted to again jump in on Perkins' ACR account and play a few hands versus “LOLYOUFOLD” while live streaming on Twitch, but Americas Cardroom was at the ready and quickly put a stop to the multi-accounting.

“This account had been disabled by the administrator,” read a pop-up from ACR not long after Bilzerian sat down.

While Americas Cardroom and Twitch may have taken issue with Bilzerian sitting in on Perkins' account, its likely that LOLYOUFOLD wouldn't have minded if the poker site allowed the shenanigans to continue. Bilzerian showed a lack of fundamentals and discipline in his last online effort and odds are good that he hasn't improved his game much in a month's time.

Do the Right Thing

ACR garnered a lot of publicity over the account sharing between hedge fund millionaire Perkins and his buddy, Bilzerian, but it may not have been the right kind of exposure. Poker sites catering to the US market are already walking on egg shells, so to speak, so its definitely in their best interest to put an end to any type of infractions that are blatantly broadcast to the world.

A number of online poker forum posters applauded Americas Cardroom for taking action on the matter. Rules are rules and they should be followed regardless of who is breaking them and how much money or influence (or Instagram followers) they may have.

Happy Ending

The tournament director for the Winning Poker Network, which hosts Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker and Ya Poker, posted on 2 + 2 that the matter has been resolved.

"We have now spoken to Bill (Perkins) and he has accepted the punishment and also agreed that it will not happen again," stated the WPN boss.

It looks like Bilzerian will have to create his own account if he wants to jump on the live stream bandwagon. Should that happen, we may see players flocking to the table, hoping to separate the Instagram playboy from some of his millions.

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